Keep it tight down there

IN most cases women suffer silently in bedrooms partly because of shame and at times because of ignorance. What am I talking about ladies? Those petty things you brush off and think are beyond repair. In this case Ia��m talking of a loose vagina.

The bedroom game is not enjoyable when the way to the honey pot is too wide. It has to be as narrow as the way leading to heaven so that both partners can enjoy the game. Loose vaginas just put off most men.

Most people think that a loose vagina is caused by sleeping with many men. This belief is not true.

A womana��s vagina is said to be loose when either the vaginal walls are not tight enough or when the vaginal opening becomes very large. There can be several reasons for a woman to have a loose vagina. While some ladies have it as a trait from birth, others tend to develop it after giving birth. Masturbation, too much sexual activity and frequent use of tampons may also cause a vagina to be loose.

Whatever the case, a loose vagina can potentially lead to lack of interest in sex and could with time spoil the intimacy between couples.

Ladies, your partner is your best friend. Discuss bedroom issues with him. After the game always ask him if he was satisfied, if not ask him the reason why. If you guys are true to each other he will tell you that something was wrong.

How do you deal with the issue probably thata��s what most of my sisters would like to hear I guess. Ita��s so simple ladies you dona��t have to consult a sangoma or Madzibaba. Just use home remedies because using herbs from traditionalists may cause cancer.

You can also correct a stretched vagina by using natural remedies that restore elasticity and strength. Make it a point that each time you wash down there you use very cold water as it helps tighten.

Ladies tend to overlook exercises. Ita��s either you are busy with work or household chores. It is very true that exercises are good for your health.

A popular natural way to get a tight vagina is through Kegel exercises. You perform these vagina tightening exercises by squeezing your inner pelvic muscles. Think about when you stop yourself from peeing while youa��re already urinating. These are the same muscles that need tightening. Try it out the next time youa��re using the bathroom. These exercises work when done constantly.

Other forms of exercise also help to tighten the pelvic muscles, like yoga and pilates, as these all incorporate working on the pelvic floor muscle and strengthening your core muscles which together will help keep your pelvic floor muscles tighter. In fact, having regular sexual intercourse increases the muscle tone of the vagina.

The bedroom game itself is a great healer for your problems. Having sex is a form of exercise and is an excellent training exercise for the pelvic floor muscles.

An orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region that will tone your pelvic muscles. As pelvic floor muscles become stronger, so will the orgasms. To keep your pelvic muscles strong, it is also needed to feed the muscles properly daily to ensure its correct growth and repair. So, getting a healthy diet full of wholegrain organic carbohydrates, organic lean animal protein, excellent muscle builder, and organic fruits and vegetables is recommended to keep vaginal muscles healthy and strong.

There are also creams that make you feel like a virgin. The most effective and highly popular tightening gel is IntiVar. IntiVar is made with natural ingredients. It is the only cream that boasts containing microfirm. This is an expensive ingredient and this is why most creams do not really include it in their ingredients. It ensures instant tightening. Other ingredients used in it include oak gall extract, Panax ginseng, witch hazel, pure aloe, Vitamin E, etc.You can get it from pharmacies.

But ladies in everything that you use to tighten make sure you first discus with your partner so that there wona��t be any disputes as he may think that you are using a love potion for him.

However, there are also soaps and oils used to tighten. Make sure you buy these from the pharmacies where they are approved because fake products may cause serious damages to you and spoil everything.

However, some of these products may cause cervical cancer and other complications. User discretion is advised and exercise remains the best method. order antibiotics.

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