Khama Billiat

Karma or Khama? – Billiata��s back on the ropes over politcal twitter mishap

Nkosilodumo Ndebele
YOU got the wrong Khama!

Footballer Khama Billiat was criticised on social media for clearing his name from the political atmosphere that engulfed the country in the past two weeks.

This was after outgoing Botswana president Ian Khama wrote an open letter to our former President, Robert Mugabe, encouraging him to step down.

The letter which was posted on Twitter stirred public debate attracting a lot of people to engage on the public sphere mentioning the name a�?Khamaa�? hence confusing Billiat while the masses were referring to Botswanaa��s statesman.

The Sundownsa�� midfielder decided to take action on the matter as an effort of clearing his name from politics.

a�?Can I respectfully request that my name should not be dragged into the mud of politics. I am a professional footballer and wish to remain as such,a�? said Billiat.

This did not go down well with a lot of his followers who then criticised the nimble footed Zimbabwe international.

a�?They are talking about President Ian Khama young man, do your homework first because Zimbabwe is known for intelligent people,a�?said one of his followers Valentine Masaiti.

a�?Maybe you must learn a bit of politics so that you dona��t embarrass yourself like this in the future,a�? added one of his followers, Sphe.