Bruce Kangwa (right) in action against Bantu Rovers.

Kangwa spots World Cup in-lawsa�� shooters gift

THE worlda��s best players are the main endorsers of popular brands.
Big money contracts turn superstar players into faces of a brands that usually extend additional services like clothing.
After earning the admiration of his Canada based mother-in-law, Highlandersa�� Bruce Kangwa has proved to be a trendy player.

Courtesy of his wifea��s mother, we reveal that Kangwa is one of the few local players that has been seen spotting revolutionary boots that were seen during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The shoe extends beyond the ankle to increase stability and support and in local shops the Nike Magistan boots fetch a price tag of $400.

a�?I got the boot as a present from my mother-in-law who is based in Canada. Ita��s a very light shoe and ita��s very comfortable. I started using it in our game against Bantu Rovers. I like it so much as it will be like I am playing on bare foot,a�? said Kangwa who recently tied the knot with his childhood girlfriend Amanda Whitney Moyo.

Of late, CAPS Uniteda��s Gerald Phiri has been wearing a similar boot while his teammate Hardlife Zvirekwi puts on Adidas squared trendy boots that were worn by various stars during the World Cup.

Magistan bootsA� reportedly Nikea��s most revolutionary cleat ever, was seen on the feet of soccer icons such as Alexis Sanchez of Chile and Arsenal, Andres Iniesta of Spain, Germanya��s Mario Goetze and on the Brazilian centre-back duo Thiago Silva and David Luiz.

Notes on the Magistan Boots
Nikea��s new Magista boots are the coolest thing to happen to knitting ever.

The boots, unveiled ahead of the 2014 World Cup, use Nikea��s genius new Flyknit tech to make a shoe that a�?feels like an extension of the playera��s bodya�?.

So why knitted? Well, says Nike, by using such futuristic construction techniques the boot will fit around your feet like a glove, creating a second skin a�� or sock-like feel a�� while simultaneously delivering the strength, structure and support needed to play ball.

Ultimately, the material is designed to bring your foot closer to the ball for enhanced control, and Nike is so confident about its ability, ita��s claiming a�?no other boot will get your foot this close to the ball.a�?

Strong in Tackle
According to Nike, the web-like 3D-knit material on top gives you a�?a more aggressive texture to create friction on the ball for accurate dribbling and striking.a�? Great – but surely that is at the expensive of protection and durability? Not so. Nike assures us that the Magista retains the strength and protection of a conventional boot. Brio cables have also been knitted directly into it, creating strength in the way that a suspension bridge works.

So while the Nike Flyknit technology provides a lighter, more comfortable ride, if you come into contact with a playera��s studs, therea��ll be no reason to dramatically feign injury while rolling on the floor. Well, none other than the usual ones like trying to win a free kick or get an opponent sent off. buy accutane australia.