Kadder challenges women

BULAWAYO-BASED female kwaito artiste, Proficience Cadder (pictured below) known as Kadder in the music circles has challenged women to stand up for their rights following the release of her song Sukuma Ntombazana.
The track celebrates womanhood and encourages black women to embrace their African identity with pride and to actively participate in practices that affect them in line with the month of August.

August is reserved as the month of women. Womena��s month celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women.

a�?Sukuma Ntombazana is a song which I originally created for the international womena��s day commemorations organised by National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) in March. The theme was a�?Inspiring change, promoting a culture of constitutionalism amongst women.a�?

a�?The response which I got was amazing and the comments I received on the song were positive. People encouraged me to push the message further that is why I decided to release the song this month in August since it is womena��s month,a�? she said.

She said the song also seeks to uplift women in the a�?ghettoa�? because they also deserve to be respected.

a�?Besides the theme of inspiring change, the song also seeks to celebrate the single women in the ghetto. The ones who plait our hair charging five dollars, the women who sell amasamoosa and all kinds of stock just to secure a living and a bright future for their children.

a�?They give this song a meaning and depth it deserves. The society has to give respect to them because we tend to overlook them and give credit to those who have risen up the political ladder and many other professional careers,a�? she said.

In the song, Kadder shifted to mbaqanga genre and features renowned poet Desire Moyo.
a�?I mostly do kwaito, but the song has an Mbongeni Ngema mbaqanga instrumental. Sukuma Ntombazana features Desire Moyoxide a poet and a vocalist called Lace. The video of the song will feature Pumula-based traditional group called Sunduza,a�? she said.

Kadder started her career in 2006 as a kwaito dancer before she went solo in 2008. She used to be a dancer for Khuxman and Street Niggaz, but was scouted by a local kwaito producer Tafara a�?Mjoxa�? Joga.

She has one album and six singles under her belt. purchase medication.