Just be confident

Just be confident

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A number of women always feel they are not doing sex well enough, wishing to do better and when you ask them reasons for having such low esteem when it comes to the adult game they fail to explain.

After doing my survey, I realised that it is not that such kind of women do not know what to do in bed, but they lack sexual confidence.

For instance, they are not logs in bed, they at times do blow jobs and make the first move, but despite all this, they still feel they are not on top of their game.

My sister, worry no more as you have got the skills to keep your man happy and sexually satisfy him. The adult game is about your moves, before, during and after sex. In all these three steps what matters most is your sexual confidence and never be ashamed of your body as well.

Every man wants a sexually confident woman, not those ones who always pretend as if they are not interested in the game. Sex is not about satisfying one party, but all parties should be involved. A sexually confident woman is the one who knows what turns her on and communicates with her partner if he is pressing the right and wrong buttons. She should be excited and adventurous.

I have met some women who always blame their partners for not turning them on or for failing to make them really wet. It is not his problem, but yours.

If you decide to keep quiet you will never enjoy because when he feels ready, he will go to the next stage and before you even feel anything, he will be done. You will always be left hanging and you will begin to hate sex, claiming that you are being used. Be confident and communicate during the game!

To bolster your confidence, change your self-talk. Stop looking at all your negatives and address your positives.

Learn your own body and your own sexual responses. Take the time to create a sexy mood to make sure you feel sexy and raring to go. When you are on a certain level, you will give nothing less, but the best.

If you really want to enjoy the adult game always make sure you are turned on before approaching him. I have heard of incidents where someone will be claiming to be waiting for that special moment, but after locking doors in the bedroom, their mood changes. But if you are super-hot already, he will find that really exciting and men like it when his partner shows interest in sex. Most of them are tired of being beggars everywhere including in the bedroom!

Normally, women usually take more time to reach the big O than men. Therefore, when you are already halfway there, it can mean more orgasms for you! It will always leave you happy and glowing.

Be willing to try new things. If he doesna��t suggest trying anything new, introduce something new yourself. Let him know you find him irresistible and consider new sex positions.

It is unfortunate that most women fear this because they always suspect they will be quizzed on where they saw other positions. Wake up, this is 21st century; do not limit yourselves in bed. If it happens that you are really worried that he might be suspicious about where you have learnt something, get him involved in the planning.

You should be a naughty girl in the bedroom and make him respect you by leaving him satisfied all the time. Sex must be the most interesting activity in your life as you show him all the different sides of you. If you are worried about looking stupid then you should take it nice and slow and maybe start by talking about your fantasies. He will get turned on hearing about your fantasies and he will be grateful not to have to guess what really turns you on.

The other thing to note is making sure you make love to him with your whole body. The skin is the largest erogenous zone humans have therefore one should just take her time and kiss the whole body from head to toe.

You will never go wrong by using your lips and tongue. You can even complete round one without going deeper.

While doing all this, remember to use your fingers and nails to explore his body. Pay close attention to see what causes the best response and thereafter you will never go wrong. Move your body over him slowly. Let him feel all of you. Use your breasts, your bum, your hair, to stimulate him. Be present in the moment.

My best advice is to focus on your enjoyment, share with him what you learn and that will lead to his lasting enjoyment and yours. Be confident and enjoy your sex life!

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