Jeys Marabini

Jeys on culture

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A QUICK run through some of Jeys Marabinia��s albums shows that Jeysa�� music is a culture trove.

From the album a�� Jeys one Time a��the popular track Wasala Ezinangeni is a traditional song that speaks about someone who was left in a thick forest.

Speaking to B-Metro Jeys said: a�?We have to preserve our culture, that is why my songs portray our culture so that the new generation will know about it.

a�?Most of the places in rural areas are endowed with thick forests where some of the liberation war heroes were buried and such forests are a source of livelihood to the population,a�? he said.

The song Inkunzi Emyama is a traditional song where Jeys portrays African religion.

a�?In our African religion a black bull is kept as a special beast and is not used in any domestic chores as it is respected and viewed as a father figure in the family. It is there to protect the family and whenever there is a problem in the family, elders approach it and report to it and in turn it would report to the ancestors,a�? he said.

Jeys said he had noted with concern that most people shunned their culture and upheld a modern way of life.

a�?These days most people shun our African culture and consider it evil. As a result of that, our culture is slowly dying away as it has been forgotten. But most of the people are more knowledgeable about the traditions and norms of the whites,a�? he said.

Jeysa�� latest album is titled Ntunja mbila. He explains the message behind that.

a�?When I was growing up at my rural area in Filabusi I was told in Matopo there is a big magical rock called Ntunjambila which provides answers to all problems. When we were young we were told that when one encountered problems he or she had to go to Ntunjambila and by getting near the magical rock or touching it, his or her problems would get solved,a�? he said. kroger pharmacy prices. order xanax online from canada.