Jaxa frustrates Mkwaiwa estate wind up

The drama that dogged celebrity couple Tina Jaxa and her late businessman husband Prosper Mkwaiwa is not over.
Sowetan has learnt that efforts to wind up Mkwaiwaa��s estate have allegedly been frustrated by Jaxa.An insider close to the situation said lawyers were looking for Jaxa to come and sign legal documents.

a�?Since the funeral, she has not been to their office not even once. She always says she will come sign but does not. She is the only one left to sign and because of this, bills cannot be paid,a�? said the insider.

Mkwaiwa died of an undisclosed illness in February. At the time of his death, he was still legally married to Jaxa even though they had been separated for about 10 years. Mkwaiwa was in a traditional union with musician and socialite Tina Dlangwana at the time of his death.

However, when he died, Mkwaiwa was allegedly no longer living with Dlangwana he had kicked her out following a tiff.
Sowetan has learnt that Jaxa allegedly sold Mkwaiwaa��s vehicle after his death and that his family has now appointed a lawyer to take care of his assets. a�� buy viagra uk. sowetan.co.za