Jah Prayzah

Jah Prayzah song on another level

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CHEMISTRY is key in music.

Hence Jah Prayzaha��s date with Jamaican musician Jah Cure in Barcelona, Spain last year to shoot the video of Angel Lo- released strategically on Valentines Day.

Jah Prayzah pulled all stops paying for Jah Curea��s expenses while also covering for his and producer Tamuka.

They spent a week of music intimacy coming up with the song and its video.

a�?We decided not to use technology to fuse the two musicians from their respective bases because we wanted to give the song true meaning and chemistry,a�? said Keen Mushapaidze his manager.

Angel Lo premiered on MTV Base on Valentines Day and so far on YouTube it has 30 000 views and its reviews are impressive.

One Praise Dube said:

a�?Oh my God! My two favourite artistes doing a collaboration, wow!a�?

Clearly the video looks expensive but Jah Prayzaha��s team is not giving figures.

Interestingly, another artiste who made a big deal about Valentinea��s Day, Sandra Ndebele also lured a top artiste to feature in Lizwile. The songa��s video also premiered on YouTube, within an hour it had more than 2 000 views meaning that it was viewed by a different person every three seconds.

Ndebele flew in Professor for song and video recordings and says it was worth it.

a�?Those who use a�?cut and pastea�� kind of technology dona��t have money to invite big names. It doesna��t make sense to record a song with someone you dona��t know in person- it kills the vibe even the video looks empty without a�?that thinga��,a�? she said.

In her song, Lizwile she plays wife to Professor and the two are shown having quality time as a couple. where to buy luvox nyc].