Jah Prayzah, Ex Q relations in pictures

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A picture is worth a thousand words!

A dig into photo archives is enough to confirm that Military Touch Movement (MTM) boss Mukudzeyi a�?Jah Prayzaha�? Mukombe and his employee Enoch a�?Ex Qa�? Munhenga come a long way.

Last week MTM posted a major throwback on its official Facebook page and guess what, an old picture emerged featuring the two musicians flanking an unknown person.

The quality of the picture, their pose and body structures speaks volumes. The picture easily suggests that it was way back in the days when a Nokia Asha cellphone was still trending.

Ex Q was standing on the far left while the towering and the then skinny Kutonga Kwaro hitmaker was standing on the far left.

From his dress code Ex Q assumed a musalala (fancy guy) look naturally making him an inspirational figure to Jah Prayzah who appeared to be wet behind his ears. Jah Prayzah also appeared to be a youngster who was itching to be seen rolling with big guns.

The friendship seemed to be serious considering the background of the photography as it was shot in a a�?ghettoa�? studio with local artistesa�� posters of Roki and Maskiri pasted on the hall a�� they were the big hitters in urban grooves circles.

The fact that they were in the studio suggests they had a recording session or it was just that quality time after dusting off the mic.

A celebrity like Ex Q couldna��t mingle with a�?wanna bea�? artistes like Jah Prayzah back then, at least chilling with fellow urban grooves pioneers Extra Large was better.

Ex Q didna��t show that celebrity and bragging attitude towards the then a�?poora�? Jah Prayzah.

Life is full of surprises and you dona��t know what the future holds.

Such again can be said courtesy of the two musiciansa�� relationship. Tables have turned and the one who used to be at the bottom is now at the top and vice versa as the once poor Jah Prayzah is now a CEO to the guy who was considered one of the coolest artistes in the country.

One MTM fan Takudzwa Nyakabau commented on the old picture. a�?I wonder if Ex Q back then gave JP (Jah Prayzah) a bad attitude was he going to be accommodated at MTM.a�?

Humanity is what matters in life and it has helped Ex Q to revive his music career.

The Nhema hit-maker is billed to release his first album after penning a deal with MTM last year titled Tseu Tseu on 14 April at News CafA� in Borrowdale which is a follow up of MR Putiti album he released in 2016.

MTM com-padres including their commander Jah Prayzah, Andy Muridzo, Natty O, Tahle weDzindza, DJ Tamuka and Chiweddah will be supporting acts.

DJ Stavo will be a special guest. vigora gel.