Ita��s summer time, cut the grass

LADIES, ladies, I hope all is well and you are getting ready for summer time as temperatures have started increasing.

Make sure you shave all parts of the body to enjoy the adult game without giving your partner limits.

Yes, no man would go down on someone with a a�?a�?busha��a�� down there unless he has a fetish for hair. Some people always fail to understand why their partners refuse to explore them fully. But if you check, it will be because of long grass.

Someone confessed that one of her dreams is being licked down there, but the man always refuses.

The first question that came to my mind was to ask her if she had a jungle down there or clean-shaven. For a moment she was lost about what I meant by having a jungle and then when I mentioned the word bush, she agreed.

It seems it was news to her that she should trim her private hair and I know she is not the only one missing out a lot on foreplay because of the jungle!

Sisters, get me right, I do not mean that you have to remove all the hair and look like a little girl, but it has to be trimmed and look clean so that both of you enjoy the blow-job.

Just imagine a scenario where it is all bushy down there and someone expects you to go down on them and suck. Even if they say when in love you can do anything, some things are disgusting and ita��s not fair to expect someone to go in the jungle and eat all the dirt.

You have to understand that as a woman if you feel that your man is not doing enough when it comes to blow bang and always leaves you unsatisfied because he refuses to suck you, then the first step before telling him what to do between your legs is shaving your pubic hair. It will definitely look clean and someone will not think twice about going down there with his mouth!

You have to understand that trimming pubic hair is not only for sexual benefit, but your hygiene as well. Believe me, with trimmed pubic hair you will feel refreshed and its easy to wash all the dirt. In my research on people who have jungles, I discovered that even if they wash their private parts area, they always miss some dirt and if given a chance to check them, you will realise that there will be white substance on the skin which they always miss when bathing.

Then really, how do you expect someone to give you a blow bang in such an area?

The other thing is that during that boring time of the month when on your monthly periods, if you have a jungle in your pants, it really gets messy if using pads. You are likely to be smelly as blood might get to the hair and after a few hours, there will be an unpleasant odour from you.

If you shave your pubic hair, believe me, you will feel sexy. I know the discomfort many people have when they have bushes down there, it takes away their confidence. If you are too bushy down there and soon after turning on, you will feel all dirty and sticky because of that hair.

To make matters worse, it will be difficult for you and your partner to go for the second or third round because after just one round of adult game, you will be feeling all dirty. If you have trimmed, you can have complete six rounds and remain still feeling clean!

The last tip I have for you, researchers say do not stress by trying to do the trimming for yourself as it is so sexy if your partner shaves you.

You will leave him without a choice if you first offer to shave him then ask him to do the same, mission accomplished!

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