Olicah Kaira

Ita��s a hoax!!..Schools opening date not changed

Vendetta Mtunzi
AS the school holiday is about to come to an end a�� the public is confused after a WhatsApp message alleged to be from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education started circulating a�� stating that schools will be opening on 12 September and not the fourth.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has dismissed the message, saying it was a hoax.

The Bulawayo provincial education director Olicah Kaira has dismissed the false message saying: a�?Schools will be opening on 4 September as supposed and not on the 12th.a�?

Kaira cited that their means of communication was issuing press statements among other official channels instead of using WhatsApp.

a�?The message circulating on WhatsApp is not from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. If we want to communicate with the public we use written memos among other official channels and not WhatsApp,a�? said Kaira.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education urged the public to prepare for the opening of schools as the date has not been changed.

a�?We urge the public to prepare themselves for schools opening as the date has not changed,a�? added Kaira.

There was a lot of confusion when a hoax message circulated on WhatsApp advising the public to relax and enjoy the holiday as schools opening day had been moved to 12 September due to political issues.

The message read: a�?Kindly note that as the Ministry of Education we advise that schools will no longer be opening on 4 September, but will be opening on the 12th due to some political matters which are unfolding a�� we hope this change helps you prepare on time.a�? albuterol inhaler. singulair no prescription. buy sleep meds 0vernight coupons for cialis 20 mg. . vigara.