It must not last forever

HAPPY breastfeeding week!

To all women who are breastfeeding, I just thought of reminding you that although low sex drive is common when breastfeeding, make sure that it does not last forever as it has been with the case with some failing to bounce back to the bedroom game after that period.

It is unfortunate that some people have experienced divorce after the breastfeeding period as they push away their partners and fail to reconcile leading to the worst in relationships. Of course, during this time women tend to devote more time to their offspringa��s well-being than to their partner. This leads to lower relationship satisfaction and less sexual activities between partners.

Even though a breastfeeding woman may not be sexually proactive, she may respond favourably when her partner initiates sexual activity. Maintaining the relationship may be important if onea��s current partner is beneficial to the partnership and to the tasks of parenting. Of course there are cultural norms which influence certain behaviours toA� breastfeeding women, but one should bear in mind that your partner still needs you and even if you are not going to engage in sex, but you still have to make him feel important.

A big reason for low or no libido while breastfeeding is the result of some important hormones doing their dance in order for you to be able to breastfeed. This is likely due to the effect breastfeeding has on your hormones. For instance, levels of estrogen are lower while breastfeeding. Estrogen is responsible for maintaining the moistness and flexibility of the vaginal lining, so if levels drop and the lining becomes dry and stiff, intercourse may be uncomfortable. Additionally, while you are breastfeeding your body produces higher levels of the hormone prolactin, which serves to reduce sexual desire. And levels of testosterone are also lower in breastfeeding women.

But there may be other reasons involved. Some sexuality researchers speculate that breastfeeding meets a womana��s needs for a�?intimate touching,a�? so they are less interested in being touched by their partners. Some women note that their bodies seem to respond in a sexual way to breastfeeding and they feel somewhat aroused. It is important to understand that this may be due to hormones released as a result of nipple stimulation and that the response is completely within the realm of normal.

On the other hand, caring for an infant can be very fatiguing, particularly if you are also working, taking care of the house and still not getting a full nighta��s sleep. It is understandable that at times one ends up with a lot on her plate and entertaining her partner becomes almost impossible. As a breastfeeding woman, try to be smart and balance your duties because there is more to life. Communicate with your partner and at least make him understand what you are going through. Giving him a cold shoulder is just deadly!

Before you know it, breastfeeding will be nothing but a fond memory. Low libido is temporary, not permanent and will pass. Remind your partner that the loss of sex drive is perfectly normal for a breastfeeding mother and has nothing to do with your feelings for them, but more to do with a a�?tapa�? being turned down (or off!) to make way for something else.

Consider carving out time just for the two of you to reconnect as a couple and try intimacy without sex. For instance, ask your partner to give you a massage with no expectation of sex to follow. Spend a half- hour just kissing and a�?making outa�? or just touching one another.

Try to make sure you find other ways to create intimacy in your relationship to keep it strong. Of course, a baby will take up a great deal of your time, so you both need to find little ways to take care of each other too, because before the baby, there was the two of you and one day when he or she grows up, it will be back to just the two of you again.

Ita��s important to keep nurturing your relationship through all the ups and downs.

Of course, one day you can also feel that you need to have sex but vajayjay dryness can be a headache. When you feel like having sex with your partner, lubrication with water-based lubricant can be of great help and make sure you tell your partner to go slow and take more time getting you aroused, which is a well justified excuse for a nice long massage first! Without lubrication, sex may become uncomfortable or painful, which will likely result in even less desire to have sex again anytime soon.

Thumbs up to all breastfeeding mothers as it does not only benefit the child, but her as well.A� Breastfed children are less likely to become overweight or obese, or develop diabetes or high cholesterol. It also reduces risk of allergies, asthma and some cancers. Breastfeeding also benefits you. It can reduce your risk of breast and ovarian cancer and possibly reduce your risk of hip fractures and osteoporosis after menopause.

Bounce back to the bedroom game after breastfeeding and remember not to let your man feel rejected or unloved during the period!

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