Is urban grooves dying a natural death?

WHEN the urban grooves fever hit the music scene, a number of fans were caught on the dance floor singing along.
The genre was associated with musicians such as Rockford Josphat aka Roki, Ngoni Kambarami, the twins Roy and Royce, Decibel, Extra Large and Enock Munhenga aka Exq, among others.

The urban grooves genre came with so much promise at the turn of the millennium, catapulted by a Government decision to promote local talent by enforcing an ambitious 75 percent local content policy on all radio stations.

Where has urban grooves music vanished to? Has it been overtaken by the genre of the moment Zimdancehall which has taken the music industry by storm?

Urban grooves music has been ruled out by many as fast dying a natural death and can this be proven by the recent Trevor Dongo and Leornard Mapfumo show which was held on Friday at a Bulawayo leisure centre?

The duo had a show in the city where they performed in front of a handful of revellers. Even those who were at the venue seemed to be concentrating more on their drinks than watching the two perform.

Dongo performed tracks such as Ndashamisika, Nekunako Rwako and Takonana with his partner Mapfumo singing his yester-year songs Maidei, Seiko and Kana Ndinewe among others.

In an interview with B-Metro, Mapfumo said music revolves with time. He acknowledged that dancehall is ruling the roost.

a�?The turnout during the show wasna��t as we anticipated. Music revolves with time and there are a lot of factors which are considered like marketing when holding a show.

a�?Music changes, it is like a circle. It also gets boring sometimes. Right now Zimdancehall is vibrant there is no doubt about that but before sungura was leading and it was followed by urban grooves. The moment everyone ceases to sing dancehall then we can say that dancehall has died a natural death,a�? said Mapfumo.

However, Dongo said: a�?I am not complaining about the low turnout from the audience. The people who are here show that they support us and love our music. I am very grateful for that,a�? he said.

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