Lovemore Majaivana

Is Lovemore Majaivanaa��s legacy safe?

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I might make enemies from this piece but I couldna��t resist the urge to follow through with this topic.

I know Ia��m a creative and ita��s not encouraged to speak ill of others even though sometimes ita��s just the truth. The industry, just like life, gives each and every one of those in arts a deck of cards to deal.

Some hit the Jackpot, some dona��t. Some work hard to get where they are, some are born into it and some receive it like manna from Heaven by virtue of being siblings or children of legends.

In ZimbabweA� Tongai Moyo, Chopper Chimbetu, Andy Brown and Lovemore Majaivana come to mind as far as careers for Peter Moyo, Sulumani Chimbetu, Ammara Brown and Derick Majaivana are concerned. At this moment,

Ia��m not saying anything about any one of them. What they all have in common though is that they all had big shoes to fill.

Down South (South Africa) I can count son of legendary musician Brenda Fassie (Bongani) and The Tshabalala boys who are sons to Imbube Legend Joseph Tshabalala of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Bongani has failed to even come anywhere near filling his mothera��s shoes. If anything the one thing he did well is drugs. The Tshabalala boys did well with their project Tshabalala Rhythms but as far as Ladysmith is concerned they are only getting rave reviews now.

What they both have though is amazing voices. Bongani will have to work hard to enjoy any benefits. I doubt his mothera��s name can do much now. Ladysmith will carry on, though it will never be the same, the boys have finally taken over and Joseph is enjoying his pension.

Now back to Zimbabwe. All four of our golden heirs to golden thrones struggled carrying their predecessora��s names. I am happy to say Peter Moyo, Sulumani and Ammara are quietly carving their own names in history. They are respected in the industry with each day they get on stage.

Let me digress a bit. Have you ever watched a movie called Gladiator?

There is a part where a king nearing his death time appoints a general to hold the fort till his son is mature and responsible. Unfortunately, the son with no kingly qualities murders his father and takes over.

No one is dying in my story.

So after we drove Majaivana away by not supporting his music (thata��s what he claimed), many copyright musicians picked up his music to keep his legacy alive, chief of them being Lwazi Tshabangu, Ramsey Kasawaya and Lovemorea��s son Derick Majaivana.

To be honest how best they do Majaivana is in the order I put them in. Through these voices his legacy is supposed to live on. I should finger Lwazi and say sometimes he does Majee better than Majee himself. Why am I on about this? I have had the pleasure of watching Derick twice and I think he needs to be responsible with his surname.

He had an opportunity to shine at The Presidenta��s party in Matopo but he left a sour taste in peoplea��s mouths, failing to hold notes and as such he had to be stopped. People in this region like saying we have Highlanders and Majee. Please Derick do not take away our Majee. Invest in your fathera��s name, rehearse and respect his legacy.