Ali Phephe

Iron Lady wants to be the fittest granny

WHEN men meet a�?Iron Ladya�?, they go crazy and ask her out, thinking shea��s a hot 30-year-old.

But Ali Phephe said she has turned down all the advances.

Thata��s because shea��s already 50 years old.

Ali earned the name Iron Lady for being the toughest woman in Soweto.

She has won many trophies in body building competitions.

a�?I want to make history by becoming the most beautiful and toughest gogo in Mzansi,a�? she said.

a�?I eat healthy food and lift weights every now and then,a�? she said.

She said she wanted to maintain her sexy body for as long as she can.

Ali told Daily Sun that shea��ll be competing in a bikini competition on Saturday.

a�?The judges choose the person who wears a bikini the best.

a�?They check how well your body is built and if you meet the criteria, you win,a�? Ali told Daily Sun.

She said she will be competing against young and middle aged women.

a�?Ia��m almost a gogo but Ia��m confident Ia��ll win. I will rock the bikini and show those women flames,a�? she said.

She advised women never to let their bodies down. a�?You must exercise and eat healthily,a�? she said. a�� Daily Sun northwesrpharmarcy viagra for sale in australia. . cialis and viagra from canada phizer viagra overnight. . cialis naturale in erboristeria.