Tapuwa Kapini

Inside the mind of a goalkeeper

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FORMER Highlanders and Warriors eccentric goal minder Tapuwa a�?Camposa�? Kapini lets us inside the mind of a Premier Soccer League keeper. Hold on tight . . .

The 34-year-old goal minder turns out for South African topflight side Highlands Park and has had stints with Highlanders, AmaZulu and featured for the national team.

Q: When you are playing how much does confidence affect your game?

A:A� Confidence is a vital tool a keeper must possess if playing the game because without confidence I dona��t think you will be able to play the way you want. So confidence is the key possession for us footballers if we are to play our best.

Q: Are you superstitious?

A: Yes. The thing I always do prior to matches is that I wear my left glove first. If I put my right glove first, l start afresh. I also have to put on my left boot first as well. If I dona��t follow those procedures, I do not perform well in my matches.

Q: When you are not performing well do you try different things during your training sessions?

A: I dona��t do anything different; I just keep on doing things what made me perform well before. I believe in hard work, I believe in repetition in what I do.

Q: Have you ever considered seeing a psychologist in your career?

A: I dona��t believe in speaking to a psychologist but rather I believe in speaking to myself in the mind. I believe it puts me in the right mind framework.

Q: How difficult is it to play when you feel like the crowd is around to get on your back?

A: I think I am always motivated by the fans. I have been in this situation when I played for Highlanders and South African outfit AmaZulu.

The other team supporters will be there to get your mind off football but you just need to stay focused and know exactly what is happening in the field of play. I have been in these situations for quite some time and think I can handle them very well.

Q: Try and explain the feeling when the ball hits the back of the net?

A: Ita��s the worst feeling for every goalkeeper because our sole responsibility is not to let the ball past us. Sometimes it might be an error from yourself and the feeling will be like you want to get off the pitch and hide somewhere. But if ita��s a good shot you know that it cannot be saved you just say wow, and give credit to the scorer.

Q: Be honest, if the team wins and you have conceded a goal how does it feel?

A: It depends with the goal, If it was a mistake I made I wona��t be feeling good that I conceded a silly goal but at the same time it helps me learn not to repeat the same mistake again. But generally winning is good.

Q: They say talent alone will not get you to the top. How important is the mental side of the game?

A: For sure, there were so many guys that were talented more than the great Peter Ndlovu, Benjani Mwaruwari, Thulani Ncube and the great coach Rahman Gumbo and they didna��t go anywhere because they were not willing to go that extra mile. There were guys who were better than me but just because talent alone will not get you everywhere they were flops. The best thing that has helped me is my attitude; dedication and the zeal I have for learning. fastest delivery of amoxyl. buy acyclovir ireland. toy dakar trucks. prevacid brand discounted.