Imbube clash lives up to billinga��

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I have to confess I am a sucker for Imbube music. Ita��s actually my first love when it comes to music.

So if this article sounds like praise poetry please do forgive me, after all ita��s the music that got me into my first flight and first pay of $1 000. Bulawayo Theatre Club was host to eight amazing Imbube acts. Add icing to cake, the venue was packed.

What was amazing is the support that each of the outfits commanded, meaning to say each of the eight groups did appeal to their fans to be part of the showcase.

The little support goes a long way to the performer, I swear with each scream the energy doubled. One could have been forgiven for thinking it suddenly turned into a competition.

If I was asked to put my head on the block I would have said Indosakusa, Black Umfolosi and Ibutho LikaKristu were position one, two and three respectively. But no, it was not a competition.

I remember during the 90s when Imbube was still Imbube and many groups from this region were touring. Imbube was so big we even had our favourites.

Insingizi had the big guy who danced very well and sang highs. Bright Stars had Njabulo and Imbizo had Chris. On lead vocals it was not easy to ignore Sizanani of Insingizi , Mqoqi Nkomo from Umdumo Wesizwe (both Late) and Sotsha Moyo.

Imbube night at Ibumba Festival was huge. White Umfolosi and Black Spear would give every one the run for their money.

Why this history lesson? It was good to see Njabulo who is now a member of Indosakusa still strutting his stuff. He is as amazing as he was back then.

Also amazing was that almost all the groups seemed comfortable around microphones. During our times and even worse during the times before, a mic was a commodity of high value.

Only those with touring exposure would be comfortable and use it to their advantage. This new crop are in luck and are doing well.

Although on this night Indosakusa obviously came first, Black Umfolosi showed why they are celebrated all over the world. Imbube is known for numbers to balance up the four parts that are bass, baring tone, tenor and alto buoyed by lead vocals.

It pretty much means the team should have at least seven members so as to balance up the numbers. Imbube is pretty much driven by bass. Now picture this, Black Umfolosi got onto stage with just four members.

In between there was dancing but they still maintained the harmonies. Even got the crowd dancing. The surprise of the day is obviously Ibutho LikaKristu who are not only disciplined on the mic, but have a lead vocalist with the charisma of a lion, the future of the sound we all love so much is safe with such young outfits.

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