a�?Ia��m offering $10 per month as maintenance for my two childrena��

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THERE is no pleasure without responsibility!

These words would be a living philosophy for a Bulawayo man who was given a tongue lashing by a magistrate for being a�?foolhardya�? after he offered a paltry $10 per month for the upkeep of his two children aged eight and 14 years .

Vincent Misihairahwi got more than what he had bargained for when he approached the Maintenance Courts seeking a downward variation claiming he was struggling to pay for the upkeep of his two children he sired with Zothile Mafu since he was no longer employed.

He further submitted that he was in a position to pay $10 since he had another child and wife he was now taking care of.

Misihairahwi was seeking variation from $30 which was granted in 2011 to $10 per month for the upkeep of his two children.

a�?I am no longer employed and have any source of income. I am even failing to buy food for myself and the other child. As a result, I am offering $10 per month as maintenance for the two children. Things are really difficult for me such that I am failing to pay rent and buy food,a�? begged Misihairahwi.

His request didna��t go down well with the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya who spewed venom while reprimanding him that he should not waste the courta��s time with his a�?triviala�� demand.

a�?Are you not ashamed of yourself to offer such an insignificant amount?A� Is it a sin that your ex-lover (Zothile Mafu) had children with you? You need to be serious when coming to court. As a man you should know that there is no pleasure without responsibility.

a�?Your application for downward variation is hereby dismissed, go and work hard to support your children,a�? charged the magistrate.

After his prayer for a downward variation had been dismissed, Misihairahwi in a show of shame quickly bolted out of the court.

In the initial application in which Mafu sued Misihairahwi for maintenance she indicated that they cohabited for six years leading to the birth of the two children in question.

a�?Vincent (Misihairahwi) and I cohabited from 2004 to 2010 which resulted in the birth of two children born on 10 December 2004 and 5 February 2010. We separated sometime in 2010 because he was always harassing me,a�? said Mafu. the best fertility pills for men.