a�?Ia��m here to replace youa��: Pregnant smallhousea��s stunt goes horribly wrong

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A Cheeky smallhouse who went to her married boyfrienda��s home in the middle of the night is licking her wounds in hospital after the mana��s wife teamed up with her sisters to beat her to within an inch of her life.

Sinini Nkiwane (23) of Pumula East in Bulawayo allegedly knocked at the door of her boyfrienda��s home in Gwabalanda suburb around 10pm on Sunday.

The boyfriend was only identified as Pondo.

Dorcas Hute (34) a�� Pondoa��s wife a�� opened the door and Sinini demanded to see him.

She allegedly told Dorcas she was three months pregnant with her husbanda��s child and intimated she was going to replace her as Pondoa��s wife.

All hell broke loose when an infuriated Dorcas shoved the stocky Sinini to the ground.

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Her two sisters, Pretty (29) and Abigail (36) allegedly emerged from the house and a serious beat-down commenced.

Sinini allegedly tried to fight back but the three heftily built sisters subdued her with heavy punches.

She emitted two ear splitting screams when one of the sisters went into the house and returned with a sjambok and lashed her mercilessly.

Scores of Gwabalanda residents were jarred awake by the blood curdling screams.

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They rushed to the house to investigate.

By then, the sisters had stripped Sinini naked.

One of the sisters grabbed a plastic pail and hit the hapless Sinini on the face.

The bucket shattered with an explosive sound and the shards left a nasty gash above Sininia��s right eye.

The sisters took turns to flail Sinini with the sjambok as she screamed for mercy.

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Pondo, said a witness, hid in the house while his girlfriend paid the price for a�?disrespecting his wifea�?.

Residents gathered at the couplea��s gate.

A bloodied Sinini somehow managed to break away from her assailants.

a�?She shambled towards the gate in her birthday suit,a�? said a resident who preferred anonymity.

Residents gasped as she came into view.

a�?Blood flowed from the cut above her eye, down her breasts into the shadowed darkness between her legs,a�? said the resident.

Sinini is said to have stood at the open gate and woozily shook her head as if to clear it.

a�?Suddenly the pinpoints of a number of flashes from mobile phone cameras converged on her as people in the sizeable crowd took pictures,a�? said a witness.

Sinini allegedly tried to turn back to avoid having her picture taken.

She saw her nemesis bearing towards her with her sisters in tow.

a�?Fear lent her wings. She seemed to decide that the embarrassment of exposure was better than the flogging she had just experienced,a�? said another witness.

a�?She suddenly came alive and tore down a sanitary lane (umkoto). The enraged sisters streaked after her. The crowd followed suit.a�?

Sinini sought refuge at a house near the end of the lane.

One of the witnesses told B-Metro that the burly owner a�� identified as Hughes a�� chased the naked woman away with a knobkerrie.

She began a long walk of shame back to Dorcasa�� house while residents shot videos and took pictures.

The sisters returned Sininia��s clothes and she dressed up while someone called the police.

a�?The cops arrived within 20 minutes and called an ambulance which took Sinini to Mpilo Central Hospital. Her body was a mass of angry welts where the sisters had whipped her with the sjambok. She looked as if she could collapse any second as she was helped towards the ambulance,a�? said an elderly witness.

a�?This woman has learnt her lesson. I wonder if she knew Pondo was married. However, Ia��m sure the next time she has a boyfriend she will demand a police certified affidavit to confirm he is not married,a�? quipped the witness.

Dorcas, Abigail and Pretty appeared in court briefly on Tuesday and a magistrate remanded them out of custody on $100 bail each.

The three refused to speak to B-Metro on Wednesday. what is prednisone 10mg used for.

  • ChadGom

    I think B Metro you should have done a better job by not splashing those graphic images in your article. Please show some ethics in your work. Disturbed.

  • Kumbie Chivunze

    wat wre u thinking going during the nyt….it ain’t ur home and u nt jackie chan bi-ya-chi….. tsk tsk tsk tsk nd ur reason to go there stupid stupid …. u r a small house stay in ur lane…. you gat saved….. atleast nw u hv made small house noe tt u don’t demand more wat is given to you thru the bac door…. kudoos to the champs….i hate fight but hey u marked ur territory……. oooooooh graphic i agree w chadgom…. bt nyc work….. u shld hv write it like a movie…or put it in a movie