Patricia Sibanda

I-was-attending-funeral story blows up in womana��s face

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TWO love interests and choose one!

Patricia Sibanda from Bulawayo has two men fighting over her and none of them wants to let go. The seemingly clingy one, Charles Chikuvande has been married to her for eleven years as a second wife.

However, she met another guy, Tererai Zhoushe, three years ago who intends to marry her.

Early this month, Chikuvandea��s heart suffered a knock when he stumbled on pictures of his wife with Zhoushe at a local hotel.

a�?She is my second wife and we have been married for 11 years with two kids. The problem started when I learnt that she was having an affair with a man based in Gweru. Then sometime last week she left home claiming that she was going to a funeral but to my surprise when she came back home I saw pictures of her with Zhoushe,a�? said Chikuvande.

Not the one to back off, Zhoushe said he has known Sibanda for three years and he wants to marry her.

a�?It is true that I am in a relationship with Patricia. I have known her for a very long time. I think Chikuvande is just a bitter ex-husband. I am too busy for his drama,a�?he said.

Zhoushe is going for broke.

a�?I love Patricia. So I am not sure about Chikuvande and his motives. I will continue with my relationship with her,a�? he added.
Patricia said she was no longer with Chikuvande.

a�?This man is the reason why I am living a miserable life. I was once married to him but now I have moved on with Tererai,a�?said Sibanda. tadalafil tablets 10 mg kaufen lasix on line without prescription. .