Misheck Mashanda

a�?I want my name on the title deedsa��…First wife demands, as she accuses hubby of neglect

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I WANT my name on those deeds!

A woman in Pumula South suburb has accused her husband Misheck Mashanda of refusing to include her name on their family estate and neglecting their children.

The father of one is also accused of squandering money with girlfriends, leaving his family to starve.

Nontokozo Hlabano is a woman scorned for years and wona��t hear any of her husbanda��s excuses as to why he wona��t put her name on their title deeds.

The couple is believed to own a house in Pumula South where they reside; two supermarkets; some tuckshops in Pumula South and a car.

B-Metro caught up with Mashanda a�� a police officer who narrated his ordeal.

a�?Hlabano is disrespectful, I wona��t have her push me to do what she wants. I will do as I please when I please. Why is she rushing to be put on the title deeds a�� after all we are yet to build other houses and to buy stands in the future a�� she can then have her name on those deeds,a�? said Mashanda.

Hlabano went on to lash out: a�?Mashanda ran off with my maid and since then he has had three more girlfriends. He does not take care of our children and right now he is refusing to put my name on our title deeds.a�?

Hlabano stood corrected when her husband revised the statement girlfriends to wives.

a�?I have three more wives, not girlfriends a��that has to be clarified,a�? said Mashanda.

Hlabano went on to add: a�?When I met Mashanda he had nothing, we both worked hard to get the wealth we now have today. He later on asked me to be a stay at home mother a�� quitting my job to help manage our supermarkets.

However, he soon banned me from our supermarkets and that was when he stopped taking care of our three girlsa�?.

Mashanda responded to B-Metro: a�?Indeed she is my first wife a�� I take care of her but I need to +take care of my other families and on the current deeds thata��s a non-starter a�� she will have her moment with the properties to come in the future a�� those are the deeds that will she will have her name on.a�? paypal accepted canadian pharmacy buy maxalt without a perscription. . rxrelief discount card. order viagra online overnight delivery.

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