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a�?I want my hubby back pleasea��

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DHELIWE Sibanda from Bulawayoa��s Sauerstown suburb wants her husband Antony Sibanda back.

She said she last had sex with him in 2012 before he was taken away by Tracy Mamvura from Mzilikazi suburb.

She took a swipe at Mamvura for snatching her husbanda��s affection saying she has made her life and that of her children a living hell.

Dheliwe said her husband left them to die of hunger while enjoying a nice time with Mamvura.

In a furious rant she told a Bulawayo Civil Court magistrate Tinashe Tashaya that it all started when Antony moved out of their matrimonial home to cohabit with Mamvura.

She told the court that as a result of the affair she was no longer getting conjugal rights from her husband and had also suffered both emotional and financial stress.

a�?I am the applicant in this matter. The respondent Tracy Mamvura of J10 Mzilikazi is violent towards me. She is now staying with my husband Antony Sibanda who deserted our matrimonial home despite the fact we are legally married and the marriage stills subsists.

a�?Tracy always phones while insulting me. Ia��m now suffering together with the children because of her (Tracy Mamvura) and my husband no longer buys food, pay rent and our childrena��s school fees.

a�?I am having a hard time looking after the children alone.A� Just imagine we last had sex in 2012,a�? complained a furious Dheliwe while appealing to Mamvura to restore her marriage.

Dheliwe said she tried everything to save her marriage but to no avail because Mavhura didna��t allow her to see her husband or talk to him.

In response, Mamvura who admitted that she was staying with Dheliwea��s husband despite the fact they were legally married disputed the abuse allegations.

a�?It is not true that I am violent towards her. She is just bitter that I am now staying with her husband and we had one child together,a�? said a shameless Mavhura.

Her response didna��t go down well with the magistrate who lashed out at her saying she should not talk proudly about bedding a married man.

a�?What you are doing ita��s bad. You should not brag about that,a�? tersely charged the magistrate while advising Dheliwe to sue her (Mamvura) for adultery damages.

The magistrate, whoever, dismissed Dheliwea��s application for a peace order saying there was no evidence of abuse between the two parties. terramycin ophthalmic ointment for dogs. mexican pharmacies that ship to us.