Kirsty Coventry

I sacrificed a lot: Coventry

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THE countrya��s celebrated queen of the waters, Kirsty Coventry says family inspiration stimulated her to bag her first ever gold at the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece.

Her 14-year-old achievement that made Zimbabwea��s sport loving people walk tall, undoubtedly put the country on the world map.

In a post on her Facebook page Coventry said:

a�?When I was nine years old I told my dad that I wanted to go to the Olympics and win gold. He told me it would be very tough for me to make it into the team let alone win a medal at the finals. However, he still believed in me.a��a��

Just like all the supportive parents will do Coventrya��s parents offered her a shoulder to lean on in a bid to help realise her dream.

Coventry went to Auburn University where she was part of an incredible swimming team which trained her vigorously but it also killed her social life.

She said she sacrificed a lot, like spending time with friends and family to keep on her path of becoming an Olympic champion.

a�?a�?I missed out on so many a�?fun nights outa�� and birthday parties, I missed frienda��s weddings, and I missed coming home and spending time with family,a��a�� said Coventry.

Her two coaches, Charles Mthieson from Zimbabwe, and Kim Brackin from USA both became her mentors and guided her both on her career and also her life choices.

Coventry said she hopes to inspire many young females to also work hard in order to achieve their hope and dreams and that they should never give up.

She also said a person should surround themselves with positive people in order to make a dream come true.

a�?a�?Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and share the same vision as yourself to make your dream come true,A� 14 years ago today, I made my dream come true.a��a�� She said. comprar viagra in usa buy wellbutrin sr 150mg in usa. .