a�?I raised my daughter from the deada��

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If Jesusa�� words that a�?greater miracles than these you are going to performa�? are anything to go by, a Hwange based prophet is certainly fulfilling the words after he allegedly a�?raiseda�? two people from the dead, among other supernatural feats.

Willie Nyathi who is popularly known by his legions of followers as Prophet Willie who leads Christ Ministries caused a stir recently when he delivered a well-known mentally challenged man in the coal mining town before adopting him as his son.

Though he is little known in Zimbabwe, the youthful prophet has managed to open branches in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique while locally he has churches in Bulawayo, Binga and Victoria Falls.

Addressing congregants who had gathered at the church headquarters in Hwange last week during the churcha��s fourth anniversary celebrations, Prophet Willie paraded congregants whom he claimed had received miracles ranging from deliverance from spirits of madness to restoring a child in the womb and raising the dead.

However, on the two occasions that he is alleged to have risen the dead, those people had not beenA� certified dead by medical practitioners.

a�?These men and women you see here God did work in them. Some of you remember this man who was known as Kumbirasadza. He isA� free after having been delivered. I prayed for him and today he is now a son to me. There are so many things that God is doing through this ministry.

a�?Sometime last year I found my three-year-old daughter Glorious having a seizure before I knew it she grew cold and suddenly died,a�? said Nyathi.

a�?I said to myself how can a child of a prophet die. I called my wife and a neighbour who checked her and something within me told me to pray. I prayed like I have never prayed before until to our amazement she revived,a�? continued Nyathi to applause and ululation from the congregation.

It is also alleged that Trebuster Mudenda was found lying dead near a Catholic church with cotton wool in her nose, ears and mouth in an suspected case of Satanism by a passerby who was going to an all-night prayer meeting at Nyathia��s assembly. She rushed to the church and informed ushers who in turn told the man of the cloth.

She was carried to the clinic where they found it closed before the prophet instructed them to send her to a fellow congregatea��s house while they contacted the police. While there they removed the objects in her mouth, earsA� and nose and blood begun to ooze out.

a�?The prophet told everyone present to start praying while he shouted the name of Jesus and much to our shock she opened her eyes and sat up. Some of us almost passed out because she was dead a few minutes ago but was now sitting with us, alive,a�? said a woman who identified herself as MaSibanda.

It was later learnt that she had been missing from her home in Makwika village for three days after her grandmother sent her to buy airtime.

Strangely every time they would try her cellphone she would tell them that she was in Bulawayo with people who were making her eat stones and swallow razors.

On another occasion last year, following her miraculous deliverance from the jaws of death, Mudenda who had become a member of the church said she approached the prophet for help after being told by doctors that they were going to operate on her to remove her baby who had died in her womb.

a�?The prophet asked the doctors to allow me to go with him to church so he could pray for me before they removed the baby at Hwange Colliery Hospital.A� He prayed for me and I began to vomit stones and needles before passing out.

I went for a scan after feeling some movement in my stomach and it was revealed that the baby was alive. I gave birth through an operation and today I have a son, thanks to Prophet Willie,a�? said Mudenda.

A serial poacher also testified about how he gave up the illicit practice after visiting the church when invited by his friend.

Nyathi, a protA�gA� of Apostle Simon Mukolo told the frenzy filled members who after witnessing the deliverance of a dumb girl that they were turning Hwange upside down for God while dismissing his critics who labelled him a Satanist.

a�?We started off this ministry in a one roomed house at A103 in Number Two with only three members and the community laughed at us but by the grace of God we grew and couldna��t fit even in classrooms until we had to start using a large hall. So when I tell you that Christ Ministries is for the lost in the world I know what Ia��m saying. We are doing what Jesus commanded us to do.a�?