a�?I poked Bhaka by accidenta��

Singer Kelly Khumalo has finally spoken out about her altercation with her lover, Zamokwakhe a�?Bhakaa�� Nzama.
City Press reports that the singer says she did not hit the maskandi musician and herbalist.a�?I poked him by accident as I was trying to push him away from me. He was the one who attacked me when I asked him to leave the room and he refused,a�? she is quoted as saying.

Nzama has claimed that Kelly assaulted him.

The fight is said to have taken place at a hotel room in Durban where Khumalo was getting ready for the Metro FM awards.

Khumalo apparently poked Nzamaa��s left eye with a nail during an altercation that took placed at Elangeni Hotel.

Nzama told City Press that Khumalo had demanded that he leave his wife Jabu if he wants to marry her.

He told the newspaper that the fight erupted by making a comment on her makeup.

a�?I went to give Kelly the car keys but my mistake was to comment on her make-up. I jokingly said I couldna��t believe she looked so different.

An injured Nzama was spotted leaving the hotel.

Khumalo also clarified that she was not dating Nzama: a�?First and foremost, that man is not my partner. We just had a brief fling that turned sour.a�?

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