I made my mUm-in-law pregnant: city man

Danisa Masuku
A man from Famona, Bulawayo, who reportedly impregnated his wifea��s aunt has laid the blame on the woman whom he claims coerced him into a sexual relationship at a time he was having problems with his wife.

Nkululeko Mathe, who is married to Nozibelo Chibamu and has three children with her, this week told B-Metro that he ended up on the same bed with his wifea��s aunt, Yoliswa Kheswa, after she led her on from October 2013 until recently.

a�?She said if I want to visit my children at her residence I should sleep with her. At first I refused but after continuous persistence I gave in. I slept with her and after that she allowed me to take them,a�? claimed Mathe.

However, Kheswa has rubbished Mathea��s claims. Nonetheless, he maintained that the sexual demands from his wifea��s aunt did not stop.

Mathe said Kheswa would phone him demanding that they have sex at a secluded place.

a�?She would phone and threaten me that if I do not sleep with her she would say I raped her. After those threats I would have sex with her without protection.

a�?At times she would instruct me to sweet talk my wife so that she visits her relatives in Mzilikazi so that she comes over. I am fed up with this. I feel I am being abused. I cana��t do it anymore,a�? he said.

Mathe claimed he impregnated Kheswa in November 2013 and now she has a child with him.

To run away from a�?sexual slaverya�? he reported the matter to Kheswaa��s aunt, one Ulida Sithole.

Sithole confirmed that Mathe informed her about the sexual escapades.

a�?He told me about this strange case. I have informed relatives. We are going to convene a meeting so that we solve this issue,a�? said Sithole.

However, when reached for comment Kheswa rubbished the claims that she slept with her son-in-law.

a�?I have never slept with him and I dona��t have a child with him. He is a liar. How can I have sex with such a person? I have a child with my lover not him. You can ask his wife she can testify to that,a�? said Kheswa.

When the mana��s wife was contacted for comment, without saying much, she said she did not believe her husband was telling the truth.

a�?I cana��t comment on that but I believe ita��s not true.a�? low cost levitra in the usa.