man beating wife

a�?I dona��t want another man to take care of my kidsa��

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A JEALOUS man beat up his ex-wife after discovering that she was staying with her newly-found lover because he did not want another man to take care of his children.

Bhekimpilo Moyo has become a thorn in Adeith Khumaloa��s flesh as he goes to her rented house anytime during the night to disturb her.

Trouble started when Moyo discovered that his ex-wife had a lover who had moved to stay with her.

a�?My ex-husband comes to my house anytime during the night. He makes a lot of noise shouting that I should not stay with another man.

a�?He says he cannot allow a situation where his two children are supported by another man. When he comes, he damages my property, insults and beats me up,a�? said Khumalo.

She further stated that Moyo travels all the way from Plumtree to fight her under the pretext that he is fighting for his children.

a�?I do not want him to come to my house and whenever he wants to see his children, he should communicate with my mother and we make arrangements of him meeting them there,a�? she said.

Moyo confirmed that they had parted ways with Khumalo, but he was the one paying her rent.

a�?We are no longer together, but I am the one who pays rent where they are staying and therefore cannot tolerate the thought that she is staying with another man,a�? said Moyo.

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