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I didna��t do it: Rape accused

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I DIDNa��T hit it!
Thata��s bar talk between friends after one of them fails to have sex with his target but for Makoni Mazarire (24) it was him at pains trying to explain to Gweru resident magistrate Mildred Matuvi as he was hauled before her facing a rape charge.

a�?I do not admit to the charge that I raped her, I only put my manhood on her private part with her consent because she is my girlfriend. She then refused or rather said she was not prepared to have sexual intercourse with me and I stopped. Therea��s nothing I did to her that she did not want me to do,a�? he said.

It is the Statea��s case that on 18 August this year the complainant (name withheld to protect her identity) was doing her domestic chores in the kitchen while Mazarire was sleeping in his bedroom. The court heard that Mazarire allegedly went to the kitchen where he found the complainant. He allegedly lifted the complainant from the kitchen to his bedroom but the complainant tried to fight him off.

It is said she told him to leave her alone but the accused told her to keep quiet. The complainant went and reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Mazarire.

Gracious Rongai appeared for the State and Mazarire was remanded in custody to 3 September. lasix no rx needed overnight delivery.