I did not suffer financial setbacks from leaving Generations: Ndaba

Sophie Ndaba who played the role of Queen Moroka on ‘Generations’ for 21 years, opens up about leaving the soapie and creating her own show to potentially rival a�?Generationsa�?.

According to Heat Magazine, Ndaba has not had a hard time moving on after the Generations debacle in which she and 15 actors were fired from the soapie.

Ndaba was one of the main actors who were vocal about the issues behind the strike. She spoke out at a press conference held by the axed actors and refuted reports that she was the ring leader, saying all sixteen had decided to come together after realising they had been short -changed in salary negotiations. a�?What we are doing is not designed to destroy Mfundi Vundla. I would not be where I am if it wasna��t for him. Everything has been done with a sense of respect but what is wrong is wrong and whata��s right is right.a�? Ndaba who reportedly earned over R60 000 on Generations, owns an events management company and is an ambassador for Cell C. She told the weekly: a�?I didna��t suffer a financial knock from losing my Generations job. Definitely not. I always tell people that they should find the good in bad. Some people could see it as a bad thing and I see it more as a new beginning and a time to advance to another level with everything Ia��ve wanted to do.” – Heat Magazine miladin som medicin.