Nkanyiso Tshuma (3)

‘I can get any woman I want’

Siphilisiwe Mloyi
WHILE some people inherit property and livestock from their deceased loved ones, a commuter omnibus driver operating at the Sekusile terminus in Nkulumane has left his colleagues tongue tied after bragging of inheriting muti that draws him scores of women.

The man, a 29-year-old driver, has nothing but praise for his grandmother for leaving him the charm that gets him any woman he sets his eyes on.

But the muti has cost him friends in the form of fellow omnibus drivers who accuse the juju man of snatching their girlfriends.

“The guy is a cassanova; he gets any lady he wants in a way that astonishes many of us here at the terminus. He even snatches our girlfriends. We know he has juju because I once saw him drop a mysterious charm from his pocket,” said Dingumuzi Moyo, one of the drivers whose girlfriend was snatched.

The man at the centre of the juju storm, Nkanyiso Tshuma, is clearly not fazed by the accusations merely calling his colleagues “jealous”.

The muti, which B-Metro had a glimpse of, resembles a cat-like foot.

He claims he inherited it from his late grandmother who lived in the Chief Sikhobokhobo area in Nkayi and died 10 years ago.

“It may appear as an animal foot to your naked eye but when I burn imphepho (incense) mixed with other portions that I was given by my grandmother it comes alive. It’s part of my life and I can’t live without it,” he said.

He believes in his muti so much that he claims no woman can resist him.

“When it comes to women it helps me a lot. Once I get a lady’s name even when she doesn’t want me, she will end up falling for me as my mbathula does the trick. I have even charmed other kombi drivers’ girlfriends with my precious inheritance,” added Tshuma.

He claims to have seven girlfriends, a number he says will grow if more women catch his roving eye.

Other drivers are not happy about Tshuma’s charm as they claim that it also draws passengers to his omnibus.

“I am always loaded with money. I just tell my mbathula whenever I need money through burning incense. Before the end of the day I get whatever I want. When my kombi is just parked clients come from all directions and fill it. I don’t toil. Even at the roadblocks police just smile at me,” he said.