I am not an expensive coach: Tsano

Nkosilodumo Ndebele
I COME cheap!

That’s veteran coach Cosmas “Tsano” Zulu’s sales pitch as he tries to market himself in the cut throat and limited opportunities laden football coaching industry.

“Clubs think I am expensive because I have many expensive nice suits. But they (employers) must not be worried because I am aware of the economic situation in Zimbabwe. I am willing to negotiate and work with other teams,” said Zulu.

Tsano’s has been jobless since December 2017 when Highlanders didn’t renew his contract.

To demystify the “expensive” price tag and buttress his workmanship- he told of how he rescued Highlanders from an embarrassing finish when he was coming fresh from the lower leagues.

“When I was called back at Highlanders in 2014 to replace Kelvin ‘KK’ Kaindu, I managed to save the team from drowning in the murky waters of relegation. I was working with Talen Vision, a team I took from division three and got it promoted up to Division One. We managed to negotiate a contract with the team. I am open to negotiate with any team for a contract,” said Zulu.

He really needs a job.

“I can even work with private schools such as Falcon College,” he said.

Tsano (68) fears that if he does not get down to work, his deep knowledge will go to waste.

“It’s unfair for me to take the knowledge I have to the grave because I was also taught by someone else, it will only be fair that I teach these youngsters because I  have a lot of experience,” said Zulu.