DJ Skaiva

I am not after groupies: Dj Skaiva

Khahliso Ncube

FAME comes with many fortunes, for most male artistes a bunch of groupies and women come as a bonus for being famous, something artistes take advantage of.

However, for one multi-award winning wheel spinner DJ Skaiva real name Mqondisi Sibanda, he is not after groupies. Instead he prefers to stick to the one and only love of his life whom he couldn’t disclose for personal reasons.

“Being in a relationship and being famous doesn’t complement each other even though as a DJ I try by all means to maintain my relationship as I value having that one person I love by my side,” said the soft spoken Skaiva.

Is it that easy for him to turn a blind eye on groupies?

“Truth be told it’s difficult to ignore all the girls throwing themselves at me especially when I am having a gig. Sometimes I get approached by drunken girls seeking my attention with some of them sexually seducing me but I always make sure I maintain a clean sheet.

“I try to deal with them in a nicer way because as a celebrity I am expected to be nice to my followers. However, I always maintain a celebrity-fan relationship always, nothing more,” Skaiva said.

The Shingirira hit maker revealed that he was in a serious relationship and happy, and would reveal the love of his life when time permits and those who will attend the Star FM awards might be lucky to see her there.