Junior Garnet

Hwange’s finest rellocates to Bulawayo

Keith Mlauzi
SOPHOMORE rapper Junior Garnet has dedicated his whole life to music and is ready to sacrifice it all to be on the top of the music ladder.

Garnet spent all his life in Hwange — a small coal mining town 337km North West of Bulawayo has suddenly moved to Bulawayo in pursuit of greener opportunities for his music career.

“I left Hwange because I noticed that there was no future for me in the mining town,” said Garnet.

Being a hip-hop artiste in a small town that is colonised by Zambian music and Zim Dancehall was the greatest challenge for Garnet to rise to fame.

“Hwange people don’t believe in hip-hop and as a rapper I was competing with Zambian musicians who were already appealing to the people because of the language, the other problem was that young people from Hwange loved Zim dancehall and they didn’t want anything to do with hip-hop so producing my art for them was like hitting a hard rock,” he added.

It’s never easy for Hwange artistes to rise to fame because the nearest radio station they can go to is 103km away as they lack media outlets. The challenge could not stop the dedicated musician to pursue his most desired dream.

He relocated to Bulawayo six months ago and has already overtaken some artistes that have been in the city all their lives. In just half a year of being a stranger in the city the rapper grabbed opportunities that other artistes were eyeing and praying tirelessly for.

Garnet is the rapper behind Chicken Inn FC new club anthem; the muso has been endorsed by Chicken Inn FC to be the club’s anthem composer and performer at Chicken Inn functions.

“The endorsement goes beyond the football club, I will be performing at all Chicken Inn FC functions,” the rapper revealed.

Garnet has become a familiar face at local clubs as he has been performing there. He recently launched his Extended Playlist (EP) at The Vista night club.

The rapper expects to release his debut album next year and he will be working with some of the known artistes in town.