Hwabaraty with family

Hwabaraty the Family man to tie knot

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Popularly known as Hwabaraty, Japhet Mlauzi who has been nominated thrice on the BAAa��s as well as twice for the Skyz Metro FM awards does not only exhibit the singer in himself, but also a family man and a humanitarian.

Born in 1985, Hwabaraty has always been a peoplea��s person. He met his wife Precious Phiri several years ago, they are traditionally engaged and working towards having a white wedding soon. Together they have a beautiful baby girl named Helena.

He has been nurturing the youths, from the schools, grooming them to follow their God-ordained talents, absorbing some of them into his field.

B-Metro got a chance to speak to him.

BM: Who is Hwabaraty?

HJM: Hwabaraty is a humble man, a family man who loves his community. He was born Japhet Mlauzi, but prefers the name Hwabaraty as it takes him away from being an individual to that person who is of the people.

BM: You mentioned that you are a family man, may you tell us more about your family.

HJM: Oh yes! I am a family man, married to a wonderful woman (Precious Phiri) who has kept me sane and has been a pillar of strength for so many years now. We met when we were still young, but have managed to stay together and work well together. We managed to work through our differences and even after our brief separation, I noticed she was the one person who knew me well and loved me so I pushed for us to reconcile and since then we have been together and happy. We have a beautiful baby girl called Helena.

BM: What had caused the separation?

HJM: I am an artiste, I travel a lot. Distance was not doing justice to our relationship. I met different people and yes, I dated, it was just one white girl and that was when we were on separation with Precious and so I was trying to move on. I could not, she was different, and hence I sought my soul mate back and we both noticed we were meant for each other. That is why we decided to do it formally and I asked for her hand in marriage.

BM: That sounds beautiful, when is the big day?

HJM: That is on the cards, I am yet to finish off what I started. All I can say is we will keep you posted.

BM: How do you work with the distance between you and your family now since it once caused your separation?

HJM: I make sure I see them every month, my job demands that I travel a lot and that keeps me away from my family. If I cannot make it and I am in Zimbabwe, she too visits. This month she will be coming since I will be having a musical concert here.

BM: Oh! She is not based in Zimbabwe?

HJM: No, she stays and works in South Africa.

BM: How do you compensate for the time lost?

HJM: We are always happy to see each other, as a family when we get time to be together we always make sure we maximise on all the things we do. My wife loves nature, so we do travel to nature parks, picnics and all. Then my daughter always prefers to tag along, she at times goes for rehearsals with me. I, on the other hand, do cook as well, I love keeping my wife off the kitchen.

BM: You have travelled the world, what has been the other activities you have partaken in besides music and art?

HJM: Oh yes, I have been to countries like Germany, Belgium to name but a few. The most surprising thing is that people out there really appreciate our culture, tradition and want to know where we come from and what we are up to. So I sell my country to them, tell them about the good place I come from, as well as our tradition. If you have noticed and listened to my music you will notice that it speaks highly of our culture and where we come from. I have brought so many people, who wanted to see the Zimbabwe that I have told them about and witness our culture and traditions.

BM: You have been talking to the youths, motivating them and working with them. Has it been an easy road?

HJM: My career emanated from being loved and appreciated by my community, it is that involvement with my community that has seen me being passionate about how the youths turn out to be. I started as a music writer, I wrote for so many people, some of them I have collaborated with and from then on I have always wanted to make sure that the youths are occupied and given the attention and guidance they deserve to avoid having them as drug abusers. I also do theatre work, so in many of my works with the youths we do different things which include singing, theatre, soccer and talking about life in general. I occupy them, so their minds are not idle.

Jeys Marabini also put in a word on Hwabaraty.

He said since they started working together, he had known him to be a disciplined young man who had sought to exhibit culture and empower the youths.

a�?I have known Hwabaraty for some time now, we have worked well together and he has always been one person who follows his dream. He also works well with people and listens to advice. He is very dedicated to his work, through all his achievements he has remained humble and fame has not changed him at all. Above all what I love about him is that he is a dedicated family man, a lot of artistes fail on that one, but he manages well his work and family,a�?A� said Jeys. dapoxetine in nigeria.