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Husband complains about wifea��s privates in court

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WATERY privates a big No!

A man from Mkheswa Village in Lupane ditched his wife after accusing her of having big and watery private parts as a result of sleeping around.

Mhlupheki Dlamini (43) expressed his bitterness at the Lupane Civil Court last Friday saying his wife, Jane Ncube (32), was a woman of loose morals.

He told the court that he had stumbled upon several raunchy sexual messages on his wifea��s phone.

a�?I have seen several lewd sexual messages on her phone which were from her lovers and when I asked about them she flatly denied them saying they were stray messages,a�? said Dlamini.

Dlamini went on to say his sex life had become a nightmare.

a�?Since she sleeps around with several men her private parts have become watery and that puts me off. Your worship, ita��s like I am masturbating when Ia��m having sex with her. Thata��s the horrible sex life that Ia��m enduring,a�? he said.

Due to that Dlamini said he could not stay with a loose woman.

a�?I have been reduced to a mere man in the community because she sleeps around with anyone who asks for sex. I think ita��s wiser and better that she returns to her parents where she would have freedom to sleep around without being questioned. I cannot take it anymore,a�? he said.

However, Ncube shot down the accusations saying her husband wanted to marry a local teacher.

a�?He is lying that I sleep around, what I know for sure is that he is ditching me because I have turned down his request to marry a local teacher. And he is in the habit of beating and insulting me whenever an argument arises,a�? she said.

Lupane resident Ndumo Masuku ordered Dlamini not to physically and verbally abuse his wife. He ordered the couple to go for counselling and come back on 18 September.