Hubby rips wife’s C-section open over fly

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
A woman from Mateke area in Mwenezi is lucky to be alive after her husband bashed her after discovering a fly, commonly referred to as a green bomber, in a cup of milk she had served him.

Jeniphas Madendekera failed to control his temper and beat his wife Emelinah Halata, ripping open her caesarean section.

Madendekera reportedly ran away and deserted his family.

It is said that Halata then phoned her parents informing them about the incident and they swiftly rushed her to Mwenezi hospital where she is admitted.

Halata’s father, Kazamula Halata, confirmed the incident.

“I swear the day I will meet Madendekera I will kill him with my own hands because what he did to my daughter is really disturbing.

“My daughter had served him with milk when he later realised that there was a green bomber inside.

“He then shouted at her before beating her up with clenched fists and a log,” said the furious Halata.

He revealed that since Madendekera was beating the woman all over the body, he struck her on the stomach resulting in the beatings ripping open the c-section which had not fully healed.

“He beat her up and ripped open her operation.  Realising he had injured her, he ran away, leaving her to die alone.

“Fortunately she managed to phone us and we rushed her to hospital where she is admitted.  She was really injured and when she drank water it came out through the operation wound,” he said.

He said they expected their son-in-law to pay for damages in order to be forgiven.

Efforts to get a comment from Emelinah were fruitless as she failed to talk on the phone as it was said she was in great pain.