Musaemura Mavengano

Hubby beds lover in wifea��s presence. . . wife disgusted at his lack of respect

Gibson Mhaka
ALMOST a threesome!

Nkonjo Makufa is in the habit of having sex with his girlfriend while his wife of 22 years Musaemura Mavengano watches.

She doesna��t disturb them or wish to join them but shea��s disgusted at her husbanda��s a�?lack of respect for womena�?.

a�? . . . he is the one disrespecting and provoking me by bringing another woman home in my presence. It is a shame for such kind of a man who tramples upon the dignity of the woman folk to be given a protection order,a�? said

Mavengano responding to allegations brought before the Bulawayo Civil Court by Makufa who claimed to be under duress from her.

Makufa had claimed his wife was physically abusing him while also threatening to poison him as punishment for allegedly having a girlfriend.

a�?I am now living in fear of my wife Musaemura Mavengano who is abusing me. She does not respect me as her husband as she is in the habit of beating me up while also threatening to poison me over false allegations of having a girlfriend.

a�?I have been ignoring her abuse thinking she will change but she has not, thereby prompting me to approach this court. My wife is also beating me up for coming home with a paltry salary. She is expecting more from what I am getting,a�? said Makufa.

Mavengano disgraced her husband saying he was unashamed to approach the court seeking a protection order against her yet he was the one violating her dignity.

a�?I never assaulted him. We just had a misunderstanding since he is not supporting the family. Because of economic hardships I agreed to stay at our rural home with all our children. I was forced to come back to town since he was no longer supporting the family and this didna��t go down well with him,a�? she said.

Makufa, however, insisted that his wife was violent against him leading the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova to grant an order compelling Mavengano not to physically assault her husband.

In a bid to save their marriage which is apparently on the brink of collapse, the magistrate also referred the couple for counselling.