Hubby bashed for choosing soccer over sex

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THERE is a well-known stereotype of women making excuses to avoid sex but it seems when football is on, the tables are turned. Indeed they are and this apparently came out at a Bulawayo court last week.It emerged that a Bulawayo woman, Privilege Chiyangwa from Emakhandeni, ran amok and allegedly assaulted her husband Agreement Mugaviri for turning down her sex request opting to watch soccer.

In court Privilege did not mince her words when she justified her actions saying she assaulted her husband as a warning for him to a�?enda�? the soccer imposed sexual drought which he had allegedly slapped her with.

She said it was her PRIVILEGE to enjoy sex with husband after they had made an AGREEMENT that they would be together till death did them part.

a�?I have no regret over my actions because my husband is refusing to sleep with me claiming he will be watching soccer. Trouble started when I asked him why he was denying me sex.A� Sometimes when we fight I will be acting in self-defence as he will be the first one to assault me. He is also not supporting the family,a�? fumed Privilege.

Privilegea��s a�?stinka�? came after Agreement begged a Bulawayo magistrate Evylene Mashavakure to grant him a protection order against his wife claiming she was habitually abusing him for sexually starving her.

a�?My wife is violent and she has assaulted me on several occasions, the last being on 2 March after I refused to sleep with her since I was watching soccer. At times she beats me up in front of our kids and neighbours. As if the abuse is not enough she is also cheating on me and the matter is before our parents. I cannot endure my wifea��s violent behaviour anymore and I want this court to protect me,a�? pleaded Agreement.

The magistrate, however, ordered the couple to go for counselling for two weeks.