How private do you go with your underwear?

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

Once again sisters we meet in this cold weather, I hope you are taking advantage of it to make the most out of the bedroom game, as we are sadly slowly approaching summer.

Todaya��s offering is rather more of a question that raises eyebrows wherever the topic is brought to the table. As inquisitive as I am, curiosity got the better of me and I am inclined to bring this topic to you my sisters with hope that we will get to the bottom of the issue.

Sisters, how far do you go when it comes to hiding your lingerie after washing it?

I remember when I was growing up it was rare to see women or even mena��s underwear hanging on the washing line without a towel covering it.

As such, I grew up under the impression that this was the appropriate thing to do. Nevertheless there are some who feel that there is no problem at all if you just hang your underwear without covering it.

This however, leaves your undergarments exposed to the ever wondering eye of whoever comes into your space.

Such actions have always left me feeling naked. This makes me feel like I would have given insight of my private life to the ever roving eye, of men who have high definition imagination. At first sisters I thought this was only a personal opinion until I asked a few female colleagues at work, and it seems I am not alone.

Even male colleagues that I consulted had no kind words as they believed that women who just leave their underwear on the washing line give a glimpse of their private life to the public.

Dona��t get me wrong my sisters, there is no problem if your partner gets to see your lingerie, ita��s rather the rest of the family or visitors I feel have a moment of awkwardness when they find themselves facing such garments.

Just imagine when your in-laws arrive unannounced only to be greeted by a collection of different lingerie hanging on your washing line.

Ita��s rather an embarrassing but avoidable sight.

Sisters on a lighter note imagine if the wind, like it always does, blows your lingerie to your neighboura��s yard who happens to be a man, how do you retrieve it?

On the other hand if you find your lingerie missing after leaving it on the washing line uncovered, what comes to your mind? As cultural as we are, though we admit it when ita��s convenient, I know a lot of sisters will start suspecting that someone is about to practice witchcraft on them.

Most male colleagues testified that they have moments of awkwardness when they get to see lingerie which is not their spousea��s hanging on the line. As such it comes with no surprise that as sisters we have an obligation to cover up after ourselves.

Society is always quick to judge seemingly, from little things that we overlook as sisters.

As such there are sisters that will argue that they dona��t have a problem with leaving their linen for public speculation.

Nevertheless I strongly believe that as sisters the more mysterious we are the more intriguing we become. Talk of creating an atmosphere of curiosity for yourself!

The same goes to the manner of dress code. Scantily dressed ladies have never received any lenient remarks from society. After all sisters, how many men would make effort and spend energy on what is already in the public eye? Its food for thought.

Like I have always said and will continue to insist right now, men are inquisitive creatures, keep them in the darkness about your body until the right time comes. Give them bits of pieces to chew on and not the whole package, thata��s how as a sister you create an atmosphere of mystery around yourself.

The reason why I brought up the nudity part is to link it with leaving your underwear on the washing line. Being in the public eye has always brought along a lot of negativity. Why then as sisters do we seem to find it socially alright to expose ourselves to such levels.

The same can be linked to nude pictures that always find their way to tabloid pages. Sisters, like I said before this is just my opinion which I thought I should present to you in a debatable manner. If you feel like you have a different opinion please leta��s keep the discussion going and dona��t forget to make the most out of the winter before summer circles in on us.

Till the next issue, leta��s keep talking on the Womena��s Forum. kamagra paypal uk â£.

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