How N-Bomb affects you as a user

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Some users of the N-Bomb have professed going blank and not remembering what happened from the time they took the drug to the time they receive recognition.

Some have explained the effects of the N-Bomb as that they felt their mind had been ripped apart, that they lost confidence in themselves and even did not believe what they said or what they had done.

Others have developed post-traumatic stress from these experiences and have developed a social disorder of not being able to talk to strangers and felt anxiety attacks by just looking someone in the eye.

In some users N-Bomb causes persistent and severe anxiety and depression that may last for months or years.

These exhibit themselves as visual hallucinations in the form of trailing colours, widely distorted visual images and colour flashes.

Due to the potency of the substance, the kidneys are easily damaged and many users have suffered kidney failure or even death.

This substance has seen some first users hospitalised with seizures, in which doctors would have to induce them into a coma as they are unable to stop these seizures, others have died in the process.

This makes the experimenting on this drug very dangerous, as it is not known the quantities of the substance in it and also it is sold under the disguise of other drugs names.

The N-Bomb was discovered in the year 2003 by a chemist known as Ralf Heim at the free University of Berlin in Germany. It was derived from a group of drugs called the 2C family of phenethylamines (PEA).

The 2C PEA was originally made in the laboratories in the 1970s where scientist were studying brain activity on rats, it produces hallucinations and mind altering experiences similar to LSD. Nine of the PEA drugs were made illegal in the USA in 2012 including the substances used in the N-Bomb.

Drug dealers produce various versions of the N-Bomb in secret laboratories or import them in bulk from China, India and other countries. The manufactures vary the formula in attempts to get round government officials and government bans as such users never know what they are taking or its potency, exposing their health and life to great danger.

An informed society is an empowered society, let us educate the youth on these truths of drugs and reduce the statistics of young people who have lost their vision, purpose, health and life through experimenting with drugs and substances of abuse.

Join the Rechabites as they endeavour to create drug free and healthy communities be part of the city march on the 26th of June 2018 as we commemorate International Day on Drug awareness and illicit trafficking.

Mthandazo Ndlovu is a drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist. For more information and help contact 00263772399734 or e-mail mthae4jesus@gmail.com viagra rezeptfrei paypal.