How Mhere got Top Billing job

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THIS week the world of showbiz, particularly in South Africa where he left an indelible mark, joined hands in mourning and remembering the life of the late Top Billing presenter Simba Mhere who died two years ago.

The loss of Mhere, a man who was already tipped for greater things as many saw him as someone that was set to shine on TV for many years yet to come, is still a cause for sadness in both South Africa and his country of birth, Zimbabwe.

While many in both countries still await justice to be exacted on Preshalin Naidoo, the man who stands accused of causing Mherea��s death, others took the opportunity to share memories of and about the late presenter.

Among those who did so was Mherea��s heartbroken mother, who reminisced about how the suave Mhere had bagged a slot on one of South Africaa��s most loved lifestyle shows.

a�?When we came back from church he would make sure that he watched the repeats,a�? said Mherea��s mother Angela, revealing that Mhere had been obsessed with the show since he was 10 years of age.

a�?We watched along with him and years later while we were watching the programme on heritage day while having dinner, Simba stood up to take his plate to the kitchen and the advert for auditions came ona�?, she recalled in an interview with South Africaa��s a�?What he said at that time still plays in my mind; he stood up and he looked back and said a�?guys if I dona��t do this Ia��ll regret it the rest of my life,a�? she said.

Although he had never been on TV before, Mhere, according to his mother, had been a natural for the role.

a�?We then told him to go and write his links and said we would switch off the TV and watch him do his links. So he did just that. We switched the TV off and he walked from his room and started talking. We were very impressed and clapped hands and told him that he was now our TV. Valerie helped him to rework his links and everything came out perfect,a�? she said.

According to Angela, Mhere had slept outside the audition venue overnight after he had found a long queue when he went to audition with his sister, Valerie, on the first day.

a�?We packed then left-over food from a braai wea��d had and we told him that he must go and have fun and that he had nothing to lose,a�? Angela said. diazepam online uk.