Pain during sex

How long can you go?

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A HEALTHY sex life! A sensuous, sexually enthusiastic man, who invests so much in sex, is a problem most women would gladly endure.

Truth be told, there is not much controversy when talking of one-minute men, but hey the minute one talks of long sessions, it then becomes a debatable issue. How long is too long my sister?

It is a known secret that lasting long in bed is the dream of every man, but it boggles the mind when women talk of too long. Someonea��s too long may just be 15 minutes while others are talking of 45 minutes and counting.

Okay whatever can be said, too long is when the other party is no longer having fun, gets exhausted and frustrated! Talk of staring at the ceiling during sex!

We are so used to women running around talking about how they hate one-minute men but on the other hand they have never really made it clear that having sex for hours at times is exhausting and can get downright uncomfortable if youa��re distracted enough.

It could be because of men who are just plain bad in bed, social networking forcing our attention spans to become shorter and shorter, or unrealistic expectations women have because of what they usually see in the movies or absorb in their gossip circles.

Of course sex at times should be short and sweet and at times as a couple you should go on and on. In the process, know the time frame you both are comfortable with. It should not be too short leaving the other party not satisfied and when ita��s long, it should not be too long that most probably it will leave the woman nursing bruises in the vajayjay.

According to a certain research, most couples are said to be completely satisfied with anything between 10 and 20 minutes when it comes to a single encounter.

When participants were asked to rate a range of times for sex that was a�?adequate, desirable, too short and too long,a�? anything over 20 minutes was rated a�?too longa�?.

When it comes to pleasure, ita��s all about time management sisters. The best encounters are a balance of foreplay, passion and skill.

Great sex does not have to be epic every time or imitation of porn stars because you will be setting yourself up for failure. Just know that if there is one class that should be a piece of cake in life, ita��s sex.

Not only do you run the risk for your mind to check out of encounters that run over the clock, you can do some physical damage as well. When a woman fails to get aroused, therea��s a good chance that her lady parts will not produce enough lubrication, meaning that sex can become very painful very fast when partners begin to chafe in areas that they never thought they could. If a woman is not ready or enjoying the game, she then starts seeing five minutes as a weeka��s journey.

Couples should spend much time on foreplay and when both their bodies are raring to go then enjoy the adult game. In such cases, then they will both enjoy without complaints of too short and too long.

For men, delayed climax sometimes can be caused by anxiety.

They should learn to keep their expectations realistic. Most of them, their goal will be to give their partner the big a�?Oa�? and in the process forgetting that ita��s not achieved solely through vaginal penetration. The hand should be touching some other sensitive body parts to help the woman reach the big a�?Oa�?.

Sex should be about pleasure and intimacy, not proving a point about who can last the longest or your man bragging about a�?beatinga�? anything up. Rough sex is one thing, but remember the vajayjay was not meant to be pulverised, sisters.

And the other mistake most women make is checking on the clock while having sex. Definitely if you are in the habit of doing so then you are not going to enjoy and you are bound to feel pain as you will become dry. Not to mention a big a�?Oa�?. Stop distracting yourself by counting the minutes.

Under normal circumstances, a woman should a�?cuma�? a number of times before the man reaches climax. Sadly some want it to be a square off thing meaning when she a�?cumsa�? the man also does.

No, no, enjoy as much as you can before the game comes to an end. It should not be a�?cuma�? focused.

If it is a quickie, agree with your partner so none of you gets disappointed. When you want to have really intense lovemaking and do something thata��s really fun and adventurous, go on. The kind of sex you want to have, affects the length of the game.

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