How Diliza, Professor made a hit

Bruce Ndlovu
When even those blessed with two left feet are hopping on the dance floor to the tune of the summer during the festive season, scant attention is paid to the work that goes behind the making of that song.

Hours of hard work, sweat and tears are filtered into those few minutes of musical perfection that becomes the key ingredient of any party during the hectic and high octane weeks that make up the festive season.

One artiste who knows how hard it is to lay the foundation for a hit track is Zimbabwean Diliza, who alongside veteran Kwaito lyricist Professor and fellow members of Stiff, the trio he is signed to Oskido’s Kalawa Jazzme banner, made one of the festive season’s definitive anthems in Umcimbi.

A few months earlier, the deep voiced kwaito lyricist had opined that the track would be a summer hit, hence their verve in promoting it on all platforms.

The song was propelled by the irrepressible presence of Professor who, according to Diliza, had a crucial role in its recording.

“I got a call from Professor saying that he had something in the studio for me. In fact during those days I didn’t have phone so I was told by Scotch that Professor was looking for me everywhere. When I got told that I knew I had to make it to the studio,” he said.

Diliza said that when he got to the studio, the two immediately begun work on the song after Trademark, the production crew behind hits like Shumaya and Dr Malinga’s Akulaleki, had left them with a beat to with it as they pleased.

“They gave us the beat but they were not there during the recording process. I stay in Midrand but the other members of Stiff stay in Yeoville so they came after Professor and I had done our parts,” he said.

He added that the chemistry between him and Diliza had helped the song become the success it was.

“l owe everything I am to him but he says that I inspire him. We have great chemistry in the studio and it showed on that song,” he said.

Umcimbi is set to come out of Proper Files, a compilation set for release under Professor’s new record label.