Jeys Marabini

How did Marabini get it right?

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I SWEAR I do not remember the last time I smiled for a show the way I did for Jeys Marabini on Friday. Add icing to that cake, I smiled even more on Monday after reading the Chronicle headline a�?Jeys Marabini sells out Byo Theatrea�?.

I know it was sold out as I was there, but it really felt good to hear/see it again.

I was early for the show and while waiting for a quick conversation with Jeys, he got into one with Zenzele Ndebele and it was about one problem, which is that of printing 300 CDs instead of 318.

Zenzele was worried about the other 18 people and their CDs but Jeys laughed it off and simply said ababuyi laba.

You see, we are so used to half houses as a measure of success but boy oh boy, were we pleasantly surprised.

So what did they do right? My simple laymena��s answer to what happened would be all hands on deck.

I know of a guy in South Africa that bought three tickets to be given away. I know Cite led by Zenzele ran competitions. There was also Skyz Metro FM , Urban Culxure, Zimpapers and the occasional push from the Twitter bouncers. In fact, the Twitter brigade surprised many as for once they sang with one voice and all encouraged the Twitter streets to support Bulawayo Art.

So how was the show set up? Getting into the foyer was a CD desk manned by Cite ladies, thata��s where the audiences redeemed their CD tokens. And directly behind the entrance barricade was a banner wall with logos of the sponsors for pictures, yes we do love pictures, we all took turns to smile for the camera.

So the audience was there, sound provided by Sound Culture was balanced to proper perfection. The all-star band which had legendary Drummer Sam Mataure and Rodwell from Harare alongside Hudson Simba, Trevor, Ndlovini, Hwabaraty , the vocalists and amazing producer Nathaniela�?Oktopusa�? Chipunza who produced the new album were all ready. All that was left was a top-drawer performance by the main man Marabini.

I will have you know he delivered. Jeys is a performer par excellence the master stroke was mixing up old and new songs. He had us eating out of his palm all the time. You should have seen the number of people that went on stage to just share the stage with soon-to-be-legendary Marabini.

After last weekend I do not see him following the Majaivana route, well at least he can say they/ we supported him in his lifetime. There is hope still, we need more and more packed shows.

Congratulations are also in order to musician Madlela Skhobokhobo who released a new album Majazana and a mini-series last weekend in Gwanda. Our art is on drive. Keep supporting local arts. Until next week, be safe a�� @nkuenkala 0772214373 indian drugstore.