a�?His organ comes alive with her onlya��

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YOU dona��t mess with me like that!

Prisca Moyo from Nkulumane in Bulawayo was duped by her husbanda��s neighbourhood best friend Martin Mabhena to leave her matrimonial home.

She then allegedly cast a spell on him because he reneged on his promise to also leave his wife.

Now Martin is failing to have sex with his wife Jane. The sex-starved wife told B-Metro how Prisca began an affair with her husband leading to the current situation.

a�?Her husband used to be my husbanda��s best friend and when he moved to work in South Africa she started having an affair with my husband.

a�?I discovered about the affair and warned them to stop but they didna��t, forcing me to tell her husband about what was happening,a�? said Jane Mabhena.

Little did she know that she had doused petrol on a fire.

a�?She then dumped her husband and phoned me saying I should accept that she was the new wife,a�? she added.

What infuriated Moyo later was that instead of leaving Jane and the children just like she had ditched her South Africa-based husband,Martin stayed put.

When Moyo realised that she had failed to snatch Mabhena from his wife she turned to supernatural powers and locked him.

a�?Moyo uses juju and she locked my husband. It is now almost a year since we last had sex and no matter how hard we try nothing happens,a�? said Jane.

Apparently his one-eyed monster comes alive only when he is with Moyo.

a�?When he is with Moyo he will be okay and their sex life is normal,a�? said Mabhena.

Moyo confirmed being Mabhenaa��s lover but dismissed the locking issue.

a�?Ia��m not Mabhenaa��s girlfriend but his wife. I do not know what happens in his other bedroom and therefore I cannot respond to what sheA� says,a�? said Moyo.

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