Hilarious jokes on V11 forms take social media by storm

Gibson Mhaka
THERE is an interesting trend in Zimbabwe where people tend to take to social media as a creative way of accepting uncomfortable subjects by reducing them to hilarious jokes and comedy memes.

Remember the fuss made about quail birds (zvihuta/ izagwaca), which once took the local scene by storm after it was reported that their meat and eggs can treat a number of illnesses including cancer and insomnia as well as boost the immune system?

Well, therea��s no doubt that people have adjusted to making light of very important issues as a strategy to try and cope with them.

And the latest joke or most trending word on most social media platforms a�� Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter is V11 forms.

Hilarious jokes on V11 forms came after Zimbabwea��s historic elections on 31 July where Zanu-PF candidate Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa won 50,8 percent of the vote ahead of Mr Nelson Chamisa of the MDC-Alliance (44,3 percent).

However, Mr Chamisa is challenging the Presidential election, saying V11 forms indicated that they had won the election while adding that the data on V11 forms does not tally with declared results, although he had not yet provided any evidence to back this up by the time of going to print.

What are these V11 forms that have generated so much interest among Zimbabweans and flooded WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages and Twitter.

These are forms that are used to record the data at a polling station after the votes have been counted and are signed for by all agents and copies are given to each before posting outside a polling station.

In short the V11 is the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission document which announces winners at a polling station soon after counting.

One widely-circulated joke is: a�?If your wife thinks you are cheating, she should provide V11 forms as evidence,a�? with many suggesting that the same should be done if someone accuses you of doing something bad or offending.

Another joke: a�?In any relationship the parties should sign V11 forms to direct them on how sex is going to happen,a�? is also doing the rounds with many people asking for the sample of a V11 form.

Beautiful young women have not been spared either with the trending jokes as they are now teasingly referred to as a�?zvimaV11 forms.a�?

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