Highlanders elections on

Raymond Jaravaza
IT’S crunch time at the Highlanders Club House where six candidates will be vying for the posts of vice-chairman and treasurer in an election set for Sunday.

The Harare-based duo of outgoing vice-chairman Mgcini Sibhalo Mpofu and businessman Modern Ngwenya, as well as Kenneth Mhlophe and Nkosinathi Ncube will battle it out for the position of second in command at the Bulawayo giants after executive chairman Peter Dube.

Ironically both Mpofu and Ngwenya have a history with the Harare chapter of the Highlanders Football Club Supporters Association. Ngwenya took over the helm of the supporters association in the capital city when Mpofu took over the post of vice-chairman for which he is seeking a re-election.

The post of treasurer is a tussle between Donald Ndebele and Charles Ndlovu.

After much campaigning that has seen some candidates meet the members of the media to try and sell their manifestos through the traditional media of print and radio while some have been meeting the electorate directly, the final say lies in the ballot papers of paid up Highlanders members on Sunday.

While there are a wide range of issues raised by the electorate at an Annual General Meeting held at the same venue on 31 January, the draw card that is likely to attract club members to vote for the ultimate winners for the vice-chairmanship and treasurer positions is the candidates’ ability to assist the current executive cut Bosso’s ballooning debt that sits at over half a million dollars.

It should, however, be noted that the debt has gone down both in the year under review and cumulatively.

The oldest team in the land made a loss of $40 000 in the 2015 season.

At the AGM, candidates were only acknowledged but their presence at the meeting gave each candidate a feel of the expectations of an average Highlanders supporter when casting a vote.

Come Sunday candidates will be formally presented to the club members and given an opportunity to present their manifestos.

No questions will be entertained.

Then it will be time for the members to make the decision on the two men to sit on the Highlanders executive as vice-chairman and treasurer.