Simayedwa Nyoni

a�?Hea��s a serial womanisera��. . . Woman tells court as ex-hubby seeks protection against her

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A Bulawayo mana��s bid to spite his ex-wife while seeking a protection order against her by claiming she was of an abusive nature apparently backfired when the woman labelled him a a�?pathological liara�? and a�?serial womanisera�?.

Simayedwa Nyoni, an employee at Girlsa�� College, seemed to have got more than what he had bargained for when his ex-wife Hilda Kumbota bared his intimate details in the presence of their children while responding to his submissions for a restraining order.

This was after he (Nyoni) had claimed that Kumbota, a teacher at Khumalo Primary School was disturbing his peace by sending him harassing, abusive and threatening messages.

a�?I would like to get a protection order against my ex-wife Hilda Kumbota who sends me harassing, abusive and threatening messages.

a�?I would also like her to stop coming near my property that is Number 15 Buckley Road Queens Park West as I have experienced disappearances of the following property: my wifea��s blouses, my own trousers (two pairs), food stuff, wheel spanner, plates and cups.

a�?I would also like the court to stop her from coming close to my property and force herA� to take the Mercedes Benz which she was granted as part of the divorce settlement. That car emotionally disturbs me and I dona��t want to see it at my place,a�? declared Nyoni.

He also stated in his affidavit that his ex-wife should stop spreading lies about him.

Nyonia��s submissions didna��t go down well with Kumbota who like an enraged bull sprang to her defence saying he was a pathological liar.

a�?He is a pathological liar. I didna��t send him threatening messages. He is a fraudster, he wanted to sell our matrimonial house without my knowledge.

a�?He is just bitter that I refused to bow down to his demands that we should not separate. He is also a serial womaniser,a�? said an irate Kumbota.

Turning to the issue of the Mercedes Benz, Kumbota said she deliberately left it so that it can be used by their children since she cannot drive.

But at the end of the case Kumbota was the one who was left with egg on her face when Nyoni produced the abusive and threatening messages which she had sent to him and showed them to the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya.

In his ruling the magistrate then ordered both parties not to communicate with each other in any way, be it verbally, by telephone or through text messages.

He also ordered Kumbota not to visit her ex-husbanda��s place. In 2010, Nyoni and Kumbota made headlines in this publication with an expose of Nyonia��s alleged affair with a woman – now his current wife – in a story in which he was dubbed a�?the sex machinea�? . why is viagra not working super avana review. .