Hell for dad who remarried

Gibson Mhaka
PARENTS are obligated to love their children!

But the advice seems to have no meaning for Polite Babyface Nleya from Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo who is furious with his daughter who allegedly wanted him to remain single following the death of her mother 20 years ago.

Polite said his daughter Sichelesile Nleya was always harassing him as punishment for taking another wife adding that she had on several occasions threatened to kill him and his wife Sazile Nleya.

Sichelesile was apparently reminded that step-parents are not around to replace a biological parent at the Bulawayo Civil Court where her father sued her for disturbing his peace and marriage.

Her father accused her of being a a�?problem childa�? as she was continuously insulting him and threatening to kill him.

a�?Sichelesile Nleya is my biological daughter and she grew up under my custody together with her two younger sisters after their mother passed on in 1996. I remarried in 2016 and thata��s 20 years after the passing on of their mother.

This did not, however, go down well with her as she started harassing me as punishment for marrying another wife.

a�?This is despite the fact that for the past 20 years I remained a widower while I was taking care of them. When she visits us she disconnects all electrical gadgets, threatening to kill me together with my wife.A� She is also harassing me saying she wants her late mothera��s property,a�? said a distraught Polite.

A seemingly unrepentant Sichelesile refuted her fathera��s accusations saying she was only bitter that he didna��t notify her when he got married.

a�?I never refused that he should marry another wife. I was only angry that she left me on the day of their wedding. Another issue is that my father took my younger sistera��s phone in my absence and I was angry since I am the one who bought it,a�? she said.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya ordered Sichelesile not to insult or threaten her father and his wife as well as not to visit their place.