Heat wave, no excuse for bedroom game

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

TEMPERATURES are high everywhere and one can hardly do any activity without sweating.A� Unfortunately this has forced some couples to take a break in the adult game using the heat wave as an excuse.

Sisters, before sharing what I have, just know that even if Moscow or Kalahari temperatures are upon us conjugal rights should be delivered!

This prevailing heat wave inevitably conjures sweaty images whenever the adult game crosses onea��s mind. Even in this hot weather Sisters you can easily come up with plans to make the bedroom game interesting.

I suggest you consider the following things so that you keep your bedroom alive even during summer time. Anyway ita��s not like it has never been this hot, but this time around it seems most people feel the heat is too much.

First thing you can consider is shower sex. I know most couples love this when they are girlfriend and boyfriend, but the minute they start staying together they no longer want to bath together. There is still fun in bathing together and worse with these high temperatures, grab the opportunity and have a pleasurable moment while bathing.

Shower sex, you wona��t have to worry about sweating too much as soon after that you freshen up by taking a bath!

Those who are privileged with flats with balconies, you can use them in the middle of the night. Just make sure no one records you otherwise you will end up on our front page. The same goes to couples withA� durawalls once your kids are asleep you can sneak out with a foam rubber and make the most on outdoor sex.

The other issue is that when people think of the adult game, what comes to mind is the missionary position and when ita��s this hot it really becomes a turn-off. Just imagining someonea��s hot and sticky body on yours becomes something else. There is no reason to stop enjoying as there are a lot of positions which can be considered. Choose positions that dona��t require torso-to-torso contact.

Couples often miss out as they are not adventurous. Break some of the a�?rulesa�? such as that sex should be done in the bedroom and on the bed. If you always want to do it on your bed, then shame on you. Just do it on the carpet or floor and guess that way even the way you feel the heat will be better. On the same note, at times you can realise that your bedroom is too crowded and there is a room with some fresh air take the act to that room!

Timing timing! With the way ita��s hot, couples should then be good in planning the best time for the act. There are times when temperatures drop and there is a cool breeze, believe me in such times sex becomes enjoyable.

Then the other good timing applies to morning glory! With this heat wave, I do not understand people who want to do their morning glory at 5am, thata��s a complete no because it will affect your whole day and high chances you will become tired. At least, try between 3am and 4am, soA�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� that you can even get a nap and by the time you wake up, you will have freshened up.

During summer time, touch each other often. Have a good connection around non-sexual physical touching, hand holding and kissing.A� Maintaining your physical connection gives your marriage staying power and protects it from the stresses of life. Create time either spontaneously or planned, to follow through with regular sex and intimacy.

Your sexual relationship should be a tension reducer, not a tension producer!

The words a�?i love youa�� are powerful and bring love in a relationship. Hearing this is reassuring about the way your partner feels about your relationship. Ita��s a small gesture that can keep your connection alive. Call each other during the day to say it if you will have missed your chance in the morning.

Lastly, when you are being sexual, try to keep your eyes open. Lock a gaze during your orgasm and this involves courage and letting your partner really see you, the essence of true intimacy, in-to-me-see. Your will have never felt so loved, connected and prioritised as a moment like this. Better than any romantic getaway any day, can be done at home anytime.

Remember that sex raises your oestrogen levels, which makes your hair shiny and your skin glow. Summer time, ita��s time to glow so grab the opportunity and enjoy the sexual benefits!

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    Did u say sex on the balcony??? like seriously? outdoor sex?? Are u aware of the audience that u are writing this to?